Will Austin Vote To Evict Liz On ‘Big Brother 17’?

As my 94-year-old grandmother likes to say, this is where the rubber meets the road. It’s down to the final six on Big Brother 17 and Austin’s darling girlfriend… ahem… his second darling girlfriend is nominated for eviction along with her twin sister, Julia. And, with Julia being seen throughout the house as less of a threat everyone else’s game in the house than her sister, you have to wonder how the house is going to vote this week. So, what’s a guy to do? Will Austin vote to evict Liz, his one… I mean… his second true love?

I’ve been suspecting for weeks now that Liz and Austin aren’t actually into each other. My money is on the fact that they are secretly using each other to have one more person in the house who definitely has their back. Who cares what happens to that girlfriend you have at home, or your pride that you checked at the door when $500,000 is at stake? I know I wouldn’t care. But now that Liz is up on the block, whether or not Austin is into her in a sincere way or just a strategic way is about to become all to clear to the house and to the viewers at home.

Do I actually think that Austin is going to vote to evict Liz this week? Honestly, no, I don’t — especially not now that Liz and Julia are petitioning the houseguests to vote to keep Liz in the house. If he were the one person to vote against her, it would be an enormous knife in her back. But, even if that weren’t the case, he has a whole house of jury members watching to see which houseguest he votes for every week: He needs to not be too deceptive in his gameplay or else he’s going to make some serious enemies.

And then there’s my romantic side that does think Austin genuinely has feelings for Liz. Whether or not they have been orchestrated as a means to get more support in the house or not has yet to be seen. But I don’t think his feelings are so fake that he would turn on her now in her time of need,.

But who knows. Stranger things have happened. Especially in the Big Brother house.

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Image: CBS (2)