Austin Might Dump Liz After 'Big Brother 17'

I never in a million years expected Liz Nolan to return Austin Matelson's affections on Big Brother 17 . But, that is what happened. Behind the scenes, Liz told us viewers at home over and over again about how she was aligning with Austin for strategy so she could protect herself and her twin sister Julia in the game. Then Liztin actually started hooking up and Liz said yes when Austin asked her to be his girlfriend— even though he already has another girlfriend at home. Austin has worshiped Liz from the start and she has not equally reciprocated that love. Will Austin dump Liz after he watches Big Brother ?

You may think this is an absurd question to ask when Liz has Austin under her thumb, but think about what you've seen a little more: Liz has made a lot of disparaging comments that could be pretty embarrassing to Austin. I'm not just referencing her defensive remarks when she was trying to deny her attraction to Austin. Even after the two of them started officially dating, Liz has said some pretty cringeworthy things about her boyfriend, both in private to Julia and in a more formal context to the viewers in the Diary Room.

She Admitted To Using Him For Strategy

To give Liz the benefit of the doubt, you could write this one off as her being a girl who is reluctant to admit that she is into a boy. But, still, she said this after they started to form a romantic connection so it was unnecessary to add to the conversation. I could see this comment stabbing lovesick Austin in the heart.

She Called Austin A Bad Kisser

I get that Liz and Julia are extremely close, but they were having a "private" conversation in front of reality TV show cameras so it was definitely going to end up on the feeds. This comment actually made it to one of the TV episodes, so we know Austin is going to hear about it. This is a major shot to the ego.

She Said She Liked Austin 93 Percent

How do you become someone's girlfriend and then immediately say that you do not like him completely? Austin has been all in from the start, so this will probably be another hard comment for him to hear.

She Admitted To Trusting Steve More Than Austin

In a conversation with Vanessa about Julia being up on the block with Meg, the ladies were nervous about the house flipping and voting out Julia instead of keeping her on the block as a pawn. Liz agreed with Julia that if there was a vote for Julia that it would be her boyfriend Austin. So, clearly she doesn't trust him a lot...

She Has Said Multiple Times That She Is Not Attracted To Him

Why would Liz keep saying that she is not attracted to her own boyfriend on national television? I feel like that has got to be embarrassing for Austin. She has made these comments before and after the duo officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

She Has Criticized His Appearance

I can get making a comment about having a surprise attraction to someone outside of your usual type, but Liz makes comments about Austin's beard, hair, and tattoos over and over again. It seems like it's more of a defense mechanism than anything, but it still is not very nice to say on a repetitive basis.

I wonder if Austin will be so blinded by love that he will be able to overlook these comments. Maybe Liz will come through with an apology for him? Either way, I feel bad for the dude. If your own girlfriend is throwing shade your way, then who else can you rely on in life?

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Image: Screengrab/CBS