Here's What Millennials Think About Most (Hint: It's Not Sex)

Daydreaming is just not as fun as it used to be, according to a new study. GOBankingRates asked 5,003 U.S. adults “What do you think about most?” and gave them a list of options, and the results were not as fun as I'd hoped they be. As in, they weren't even sex. According to NBC News:"about one in four Americans said that money is the thing they think about most on a daily basis — and another one in four spent most of their time thinking about work." Combined, that's like half of people who think about money and work more than anything else. Which is maybe the most depressing thing I've ever heard.

Do we really not think about sex every seven seconds? Or maybe we do but we think about work every like... three seconds? That can't be right. I'm working right now and I'm think about donuts and this random chin hair I can't stop stroking. And the weirder thing is that this was pretty stable across all age groups, although younger millennial threw a little wrench in the works, but for the most part everyone was concerned about money and work all the time.

The survey broke up the age groups to include "young millennials" (18-24) and "older millennials" (25-34) because the universe is always plotting new ways to make sure I feel old.

Here's a look at what each group was thinking about:

Young Millennials

1. Their Love Life

So young millennials were the only people that put love life at the top of the list. Twenty-seven percent of them put it as the main thing on their mind (I'm going to assume sex is included in this, but maybe they're just a really romantic bunch?).

2. Money

Not far behind though, money came in with 26 percent of the respondents. That's almost neck and neck.

3. Work

Just 20 percent of young millennials were focused on work, and given the current climate for recent grads I'm a little surprised.

4. Health And Fitness

Staying fit was number one in the minds of 14 percent of young millennials.

5. Vacationing

Here's the more traditional day dreaming. Eight percent were most focused on holidays, which I guess is the fancy equivalent of living for the weekend.

6. Politics

Only 4 percent said politics was number one on their mind.

Older Millennials

1. Money

Thirty-two percent of older millennials said money was their main concern. That's nearly one-third. Two words: student debt.

2. Work

While 28 percent of us were most concerned with work, if you combine that with the above that 60 percent of older millennials focused on career and money. Jesus.

3. Health And Fitness

Although, like young millennials, 14 percent of older millennials ranked health and fitness number one, in the case of older millennials that puts it above...

4. Love Life

That's right, only 13 percent of older millennials put love life first. Compared to 27 percent of younger millennials, that's a massive drop when you enter your late 20s.

5. Vacationing

Nine percent of older millennials are dreaming of their holidays.

6. Politics

Just like young millennials, only 4 percent of us were focused on politics. Maybe we're all just shielding our eyes from Trump-mania.

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