Watch People Try To Guess Girl's Vs. Guy's Butts

Ass grabbers of the universe, now is your time to shine: Distractify recently had a bunch of people grope each other to try and figure out if they could tell the difference between girl's and guy's butts. But before we even get into their skill level on butt-grabbery, we need to get into the weirdly beautiful nonsense of watching strangers grab each other's butts on video. Like, this just several minutes of glorious, unadulterated butt cheek smushing, and I have never been more proud to be a member of the human race.

In order to preserve the sanctity of the butt-grabbing test, all of the test subjects wore leggings and an identical pair of (very stylish) pink shorts. The groper then sat in a chair blindfolded and lived their best life, which is what I assume happens when you grab a bunch of people's butts. They were then tasked with figuring out whether the particular butt they were getting up in the business of belonged to a guy or a girl — and although there were some extremely varying degrees of expertise when it came down to it, I think we can all agree on one thing: butts make the world go round.

"I grab a lot of asses, so I think I'll be a pro."

Some people were a lot more bold about exploring than others. You can see just how ~thorough~ the process was. #NoButtLeftBehind.

Seriously, there is more butt grabbing here than the basement of a frat house on Halloween.

But hey, it's rare that in this world we get to celebrate consensual, mutually enjoyed butt grabbing for our awkward viewing pleasure, so let's all follow our butt watching bliss.

So how did they all stack up on their guesses? Watch the video below to see the true millennial ass masters:

Images: YouTube(4)