Taylor Swift Won An Emmy & You'll Never Guess What For (No, Seriously, You'll Never Guess)

It's fair to say that there are days when I truly feel Taylor Swift deserves ALL THE AWARDS (and, rightfully she's already won plenty of them). But, I have to be honest here: Upon hearing this news, my reaction was not one of uncontrollable glee, but instead, one of minor confusion: Apparently on Thursday Taylor Swift won an Emmy award, and no, you did not misread that/that is not a typo.

"Wait, WHAT," you're probably screaming at your computer screen right now. "In what context would she even be eligible for an Emmy?" I know, right? When I heard the news I was instantaneously baffled, and had to mentally backtrack through the year of Swift. From her guest-heavy 1989 tour to paying off student loans, she was busy, busy, busy. But, when was she on TV? Was Swift on, like, True Detective this entire time and she's just such a great actress that I never knew it? I don't...? I can't...? This is all very out of nowhere, I can tell you that.

So, more than anything, you're probably racking your brain for WHAT she could've possible won an Emmy award for, because Swift only really does acting as, like, a side-gig — if that. WELL, here were my top seven guesses, with the mystery revealed at the bottom.

Guess 1: Best Cameo In New Girl From Like Two Years Ago?


My first thought was this, because I was having a hard time remembering if Swift had ever even BEEN in a TV show... like, ever. Yes, this wasn't a recent occurrence (we're talking, like, the New Girl Season 2 finale), but maybe her award got lost in the mail, and they just recovered it. Sadly, this is one of my most plausible guesses.

Guess 2: Best MTV VMA Music Video Drop?


That's a tough category this year, because pretty much everyone and their mother dropped a music video after the MTV VMAs. It was like, if you didn't, you had to quit music forever.

Guess 3: Best Use Of Gratuitous Name-Dropping Within A Single Music Video?


Technically, Swift doesn't name-drop REAL names in the "Bad Blood" video. I get this. But come on — you get pretty obvious close-ups of her 362 celebrity besties, and I'm pretty sure that only accounts for like a third of her #squad anyway. It's as impressive as it is soul-crushing to all us "regulars."

Guess 4: Best Public Make-Up


Maybe she was co-nominated with Kanye West? And they both won, bringing their story full circle? It just sounds so beautiful.

Guess 5: The Elaine Benes Award For Awkward TV Dancing


It's an honor, really, and nobody deserve it more than our girl Tay Tay.

Guess 7: Best Actress Award For Continued Faux Shock While Winning Awards


Girl, plz. You're probably just giving away spare Grammys at dinner parties at this point.

And The Actual Award Is For...


Original Interactive Program for her phone app, AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience. "What?" You remember, don't you? It's that app she released after "Blank Space" that showed you behind-the-scenes videos and pictures of the music video!


Well. The more you know.

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