8 Tips For Running Into Your Ex, Because It's Bound To Happen Sometime

Whether you're heading to a party impeccably dressed or you're waiting in line at the bodega sick with the flu and wearing stained pajama pants, running into an ex is never ideal. Regardless of how terribly or wonderfully your union ended, an unexpected encounter with a former lovah is just the kind of thing that can spin anyone into a panic. Even the most mature ladies have been known to devolve into second guessing themselves, wishing they had behaved differently or perhaps said nothing at all — because in certain scenarios, ignoring your ex might even be an bigger win than an actual conversation.

If you decide to put your shades on and run/hide, more power to you, but some of us will likely freeze in our tracks and be unable to think fast enough to manage an escape. The most important thing to remember in these situations is that yes, "this too shall pass," so for those who want to bravely face the music and have an actual civil discussion, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Here are eight things to do when you run into an ex, because honestly, you're never safe (cue ominous music).

1. Breathe


First and foremost: oxygenate your system, girl.

2. Don't Panic


I know, easy for me to say, but freaking out will only cause you to do something you might regret later.

3. Subtly Check Your Makeup/Teeth/Face In Your Phone


Unless your line of sight intersects with a mirror, you're going to need a reflective surface, stat. If your ex has already spotted you, smile and pretend to check your phone as you quickly flip your camera around to confirm that you don't have lipstick smeared on your teeth or anything else unsightly that could potentially mortify you.

5. Keep The Conversation Light


Whatever you do, don't get serious on them, even if that's where they're steering the conversation. Things can get real ugly real quick if you open up Pandora's box of old relationship drama.

6. Don't Talk About Your Love Life


Even if they start in with you, don't indulge in a conversation about your love life — past or present. (Casually hinting that you're all set in that department and then changing topics is totally fine, though, obvs.)

7. Wish Them Well And Be The First To Leave


Happiness is the best revenge, so ending the conversation — however brief — on a positive note and walking your sexy ass away first is a total win.

8. Treat Yourself


Even if you followed none of the above advice and ended up sobbing and/or slapping said ex in the face for everything they ever did to ruin your life, a little treat is in order. Following your ex encounter, it's imperative you give yourself permission to eat/shop/buy/do whatever your heart desires — at the very least to celebrate that you made it through one of life's most awkward scenarios (somewhat) unscathed.

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