7 Reasons You Shipped Veronica & Logan From 'Veronica Mars' For 10 Whole Years

Let's be honest: if my best friend was forced to pick between a guy like Logan or a guy like Piz, I'd tell her she was nuts for even considering going back to the bad boy who once took a bat to her convertible. But, though that might be the case with my friends who exist outside of the small screen, when it comes to my fictional TV pals, I'm on Team Logan 100 percent. Like so many Veronica Mars fans, I'm a massive LoVe shipper — honestly, if I had to pick a singular television couple as my OTP, I'd put down ultimate Veronica Mars endgame couple Logan and Veronica in a heartbeat.

That's not to say that I was always on the Logan and Veronica shipping squad — probably because Logan and Veronica's earliest interactions were anything but pleasant. It takes a deep, burning love to overcome the fact that your boyfriend once mocked your mother's alcoholism, organized bum fights, and romanced his classmate's stepmother. Maybe that's what Logan meant when he said that his romance with Veronica was epic: if they could overcome all of that, there's very little that they couldn't handle side by side.

Of course, there are still plenty of people who don't get why Logan and Veronica made such a great match. For those naysayers, I say take a look at this list. Here are seven reasons why LoVe fans are still shipping Logan and Veronica, and will until the end:

1. LoVe Gets Each Other In A Way No One Else Does

Both Veronica and Logan know what it's like to lose people they care about. Veronica and Logan both lost Lilly, but they also both understand what it's like to have a parent let you down. Veronica's mom left the family by walking out the door, and Logan's dad burned all of his bridges with his son by murdering his high school sweetheart — the final deplorable act in a lifetime filled with them. It's more than just loss that these two have in common: they both know what it's like feel to only rely on yourself. Ironically, it's that self-reliance that ultimately bonds them.

2. They're The King And Queen Of Snark And Should Rule With Words Together

I'm sorry, but can you see Duncan coming up with a clever quip on the fly? Nope: which is why he was no match for one-time girlfriend Veronica's wit. Veronica and Logan's conversations are practically poetry.

3. Their Physical Chemistry Is Undeniable

There's a reason that fans on YouTube make videos counting down the most epic LoVe kisses: they're pretty damn hot. It doesn't matter if these two are in a relationship or not: if they're sharing the screen, the sexual tension is palpable.

4. Logan Would Do Anything To Keep Veronica Safe

Logan's faced quite a few near-death experiences thanks to his love for Veronica. Logan may have once been Veronica's bully, but since falling for her he'll pretty much go to any lengths to keep her out of harm's way. In fact, protecting Veronica became so painful that he actually ended things with her so he didn't have to see her get hurt. It didn't stick, and he went right back onto protecting his one true love.

5. They're At Their Most Vulnerable Around Each Other

Veronica and Logan have seen each other at their very worst, and it's only made them realize that they do want to be together. They know each other better than anyone: there's no need to hide the bad parts of themselves.

6. Logan Turns Into A Lovesick Puppy Around Veronica

Logan may have a sharp tongue, but there's something about Veronica that brings out his mushy side. Logan slays the romantic speeches, because Veronica brings out his lovey-dovey side.

7. Logan Is The Only Person Veronica Won't Give Up On

Veronica may not forget, but she's forgiven Logan for a ton of stuff — because, deep down, she knows that he's worth fighting for. Plenty of no-good dudes didn't make the cut, but Logan always does. Probably because at the end of the day, even Veronica knows they're endgame.

Sorry, every other couple shipper out there, but LoVe shippers know what we're talking about. These two are meant to be.

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