FLOTUS Is Hitting The Runway

Michelle Obama is hitting a runway, but not in the traditional sense. While I definitely think the ever stylish, ever cool First Lady is definitely deserving of walking catwalks at any show, she won't be strutting her stuff on the J. Crew catwalk. Michelle Obama is joining Project Runway Junior as a guest judge this season, and the challenge that she's judging is absolutely perfect for our impeccably dressed First Lady.

If you're seeking a classy style icon, you honestly don't need to look any further than the White House. Mrs. Obama has made splash after splash and inspired more than her share of controversy. She's been criticized for wearing a non American designer to a state function and faced back lash over a gown that many deemed to be ostentatious and too pricy for a first lady. Despite these reactions though, FLOTUS hasn't allowed it to effect her gorgeous sense of style. Whether she's fearlessly rocking a patterned crop top and high waisted skirt or looking stunning in a shimmering metallic gown and dramatic curls, MObama knows how to make fashion work for her. That's exactly why she's going to be the perfect judge for Project Runway Junior. Who better for teenage designers to look up to than the First Lady?

Michelle Obama's Project Runway Junior appearance will be for a challenge in which the contestants will be creating a unique design for Land's End. Personally, I can't think of a better brand for a Michelle Obama challenge. They're a classic line with incredible quality and basics. It's their focus on universal style that makes them so appealing, much like the FLOTUS herself.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Personally, I can't wait for this episode and am especially to see which design Mobama likes best because I'll definitely need to find it ASAP.