Amal Clooney's Latest Dress Looks Familiar

In case she wasn't already your style crush, Amal Clooney just wore a red dress that emulates an iconic movie fashion moment in a serious way. The Dolce & Gabbana sheath dress is an absolute dead ringer for Shosanna's cinema-burning femme fatale number from Inglourious Basterds. If you haven't seen the film, the World War II-inspired Tarantino revenge epic is awesome for a whole host of reasons, one of which is the fact that *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* there's a whole montage (set to "Cat Power," of course) wherein French-Jewish Shosanna Dreyfus readies herself to burn down her Nazi-filled cinema whilst wearing a show stopping red gown. It might just be one of the coolest scenes ever (really, can you beat Melanie Laurent applying cream blusher like war paint as David Bowie wails "And I've been putting out fire... with gasoline!" in the background?), and it's certainly one of the coolest costumes ever.

According to Inglourious Basterds costume designer Anna B. Sheppard, Shosanna was originally supposed to wear a sparkly LBD to the big premiere — but at the last minute, she decided to switch to the red dress, because as she put it, "As it was the last day of her character’s life, I didn’t want her to disappear in the crowds of people wearing beautiful evening gowns ... I wanted her to look beautiful and very feminine." Well, now Clooney just took the attention-grabbing look straight into the 21st century — and it's every bit as fabulous today, as it was in fictional 1944. Let's take a look:

STR/AFP/Getty Images
STR/AFP/Getty Images
STR/AFP/Getty Images

Clooney is known for her fairly outstanding sense of style, but this retro number is next level, even for her. It may not be floor-length and ruffled like Shosanna's number, but it's every bit as stunning.

Ms. Dreyfus would definitely be proud.

Images: Getty Images; alextraeger/Tumblr