Taylor Swift Could Guest Star On 'Law & Order: SVU' & It Wouldn't Be Her First Television Show Cameo

Well, this could be the best thing ever. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mariska Hargitay revealed that Taylor Swift might appear on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Swift is an outspoken fan of the show — she even named her cat Olivia Benson after Hargitay's crime-solving character on SVU. Swift and Hargitay have since become friends, with Hargitay appearing in Swift's Bad Blood video and joining her posse of best friends.

"We just talked about it," Hargitay told ET. "We're going to wait until the end of the [1989] tour to see how it goes. But it’s in the air." SVU producer Warren Leight also brought up the idea that they might name a cat in the squad room Taylor.

Hopefully, we will see an SVU cameo appearance from Swift in the years to come — after all, it's not like she has no experience in the world of film and television. Swift has appeared in small roles for years, and embraced the opportunity to appear on some of her favorite shows. Whether she's planning on pursuing acting more or is just doing it for fun remains unclear: she's not too far from an EGOT, but she'll need and Oscar and a Tony to fulfill that goal. Her past cameos have mostly been charming, with a dash of signature awkwardness thrown in. Here they are:

5. New Girl

taylorswiftnationger on YouTube

Swift's brief and much-publicized appearance was memorable for a myriad of reasons.

4. Valentine's Day

In a film made entirely of celebrity cameos, Swift's storyline with then boyfriend Taylor Lautner was kind of cute.

3. The Giver

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Swift only existed as a memory in the movie: She was perfectly haunting in the role, though it was almost too brief.

2. The Lorax

Swift voiced the original character and environmentalist Audrey in the animated Dr. Seuss film. It was a pretty big role, and she did it justice.

1. CSI

Swift played murder victim Haley Jones in the episode "Turn, Turn, Turn." Rather than just playing a body, she featured prominently in flashbacks in the episode, and did a great job.

With her crime show chops already proven, it seems like only a matter of time before we see her on SVU. Whether or not there's an Oscar in her future, though, remains to be seen.