How Much Does The Miss America Crown Cost?

The pageant many of us have been waiting for is finally here, as Miss America 2016 will be crowned on Sept. 13. If you're anything like me, though, you may be asking yourself, "How much does the Miss America crown cost?" This specific event is arguably one of the most anticipated of them all, and I'm sure the princess-like vibes are partially responsible. Having started in 1921, it's the fourth longest running live event in television history. Whilst a lot of us love commenting on and watching the outfits, the talents, and more importantly, the women themselves, the point of the event all boils down to one thing: Who's getting the crown?

The crown itself seems to hold a lot of symbolic value, but it isn't the only prize that the winner of Miss America receives. Alongside the crown, the Miss America organization invests a lot of money for the winner and runner ups. Miss America 2014 Miss Nina Davuluri was awarded $50,000, but not as cold hard cash. Instead, she received a scholarship for the university of her choice. When you consider not just the time and energy that a woman gives to compete for the crown, this is pretty well deserved if you ask me. More than just the time and energy, however, there are the costs. Pageant coach Victory Mohamed estimates the cost of the clothing, coaching, and beauty products these women need to be anywhere from $810 to $2,900.

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With this investment as well as the amazingly high cost scholarships awarded (don't forget that the runner ups also get $25,000, $20,000, $15,000, and $10,000, based on place), you'd expect the crowns to be high value, too. Although the official cost of the crown has never been announced, the crowns themselves are sourced from, where items start at only $25 (I swear I've bought plastic crowns for more than that) and go up to a surprisingly low $425, as evidenced by browsing the site's shopping section.

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Although I wasn't expecting the price to be anything like the cost of the crown jewels, I did assume that at least $1000 dollars would be invested in it. I guess this is actually a good thing, all things considered, as it means more money can go to less frivolous aspects of the Miss America beauty pageant — like the production or the scholarship funds. As a little girl, all I ever wanted was a real crown, but as a semi-functioning 20-something, I'd definitely rather have $50,000 towards my student debts.


Whether expensive or not, the crown itself looks as beautiful as a real diamond-based, olden times princess crown probably would. To the untrained eye, the crown is extravagant, beautiful, and a total status symbol. However, knowing that they're not that expensive — in crown terms, anyway — kind of makes me want to just go ahead and buy one to wear whilst eating takeout and watching the show in my sweatpants.

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