Miley Cyrus' "Hands Of God" Debuts In 'Freeheld' Trailer & It's Incredibly Emotional

As if her role hosting the 2015 MTV VMAs wasn't big enough, Miley Cyrus dropped a surprise new album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, after the show. The album garnered considerable buzz, especially for its unconventional song titles, while Cyrus' fans rejoiced in finally receiving new music from the singer. Cyrus isn't done sharing new tunes yet. Cyrus' "Hands of Love" is on Freeheld sountrack, and you can get your first listen right now.

A clip of the song debuted in a trailer for Freeheld, which stars Julianne Moore and Ellen Page as "Stacie Andree and Laurel Hester, a real-life lesbian couple who fought New Jersey county officials to allow Hester (Moore), a police officer diagnosed with terminal cancer, to transfer her pension benefits to Andree (Page)."

The emotion of the movie is captured in the song, which is a piano-driven ballad and departure from Cyrus' recent music. In the 20-second clip, Cyrus croons, "When the water spills/ The glass will break / It drips like tears." But as the tension and the story builds, she begins to belt what is presumably the chorus, singing, "In the hands of love / We carry on."

It's not surprising that the song is so closely linked to the film. The track's writer, Linda Perry, told TIME that she was moved after seeing a screening of the film and began to pen the song in her car. "I’ve never had this happen before,” Perry explained. “The arrangement is there, the lyrics are showing up, I can’t get to a piano, there’s no instruments, there’s no nothing —it’s all just floating around inside my head."

It was Page who suggested Cyrus to sing the track and it turns out her instincts were spot-on. "She has a really raw, unique, awesome, beautiful voice, and Miley’s doing a lot of incredible things for the LGBTQ community," Page said. "I just thought it was going to be a perfect fit. She and Linda made something really special. I kept listening to it after I heard it."

However, it's at the climactic point in the trailer — when Page and Moore team up with Steve Carrell's character to fight for Andree's rights — that Cyrus' song truly shines. She sings, "It's on the line / It's on the line/ We come alive/ We come alive / We come to life."

You can listen to a clip of "Hand of Love" in the preview above, and check out Freeheld when it hits theaters in a limited release on Oct. 2.