Will Carly Release An Album After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She Has Enough Songs To Start One

Carly Waddell became a fan favorite right from the beginning of her stint as a hopeful single on Bachelor In Paradise. She had a quick wit, a likable personality, and as if she didn't possess enough genetic gifts, Carly has a beautiful singing voice to boot. In fact, the Bachelor in Paradise star should totally release an album. She can be the Taylor Swift of BiP.

See, after immediately falling into what appeared to be the most adorable soulmate relationship with fellow cast mate, Kirk DeWindt in the first week, we all thought she would be the lucky lady to get that ring on the season finale. No one saw it coming when Kirk broke up with her in the most heartbreaking way, the day after the last rose ceremony. We all took the news hard (who wasn't invested in their romance??), but poor Carly was clearly beyond devastated.

Fortunately, her musical gift allowed her to work through the devastation. She penned and recorded a song specifically about the event entitled, "Blindsided." The song is pretty amazing and her voice is truly beautiful. So far, we have one song from her time on the island but she has an extensive musical resume behind her. Now that Bachelor In Paradise is over, will Carly release an album?

There has been no official announcement that an album is in the works, but it isn't far off base to think that she may head into the studio. After all, she had the perfect situation on which to build an album. Ask Taylor Swift, heartbreak works wonders as a muse. So, while Carly seems to be bouncing back like a pro and enjoying life post-Paradise, let me explain why she should get to work on her that album.

She Is Too Talented Not To Be Heard

Carly has true talent. Her voice is real, it's raw, and it's a voice that shouldn't be lost in the shadows of obscurity. There are too many auto-tuned pop stars making it big these day, and it's time to see some real artists showcasing their vocal aerobics. Carly is definitely that artist. She could confidently break into a song at any point during a Bachelor In Paradise episode without music or a cue. That's a rare ability to possess.

She Is So Likable

Let's be real here, how many pop stars are truly likable off the stage? Carly has the Taylor Swift-esqe persona down pat with her sly wit and goofy sense of humor. People don't buy albums solely off of likability (I'm lookin' at you and those donuts, Ariana Grande) but that certainly factors into things. Carly has spunk in spades and that's important for a rising star.

People Are Noticing Her After Bachelor In Paradise

The breakup with Kirk seems to be somewhat of a blessing in disguise for Carly's name recognition. People rallied behind her and gobbled up her single that she released about Kirk, which has lead to multiple interviews. She should ride this wave while it lasts and capitalize on the fame from Bachelor In Paradise.

Her Resume Is Seriously Impressive

Carly has a long list of singing credits to her name. She has been a singer for Norwegian Cruise Lines and starred in various musicals throughout her career. She is seasoned and ready for some actual fame here, people! Let's get her in a studio!

Images: Bob D'Amico/ABC; Giphy (4)