Models Reveal Their Go-To Underwear For NYFW

On top of being wowed by the fresh designs and novel hair and makeup looks NYFW brings, I've got to say one thing that's always crossed my mind is how the heck do none of those models have panty lines or undies showing through, like, ever?! To get to the bottom of the bottoms mystery, I went backstage at several shows so I could ask the models to talk about their go-to underwear for NYFW. That's right, for the sake of hard-hitting journalism, I asked models what undies they were wearing and tried to come off as non-creepy as possible.

While I definitely think I failed on the creeper front (some of the poor girls' faces were completely "WTF?"), every model I asked still answered! A huge thank you to all of the beautiful people at GANT, Jill Stuart, Herve Leger, and Public School's backstage events willing to talk panties.

While the unanimous answer for color was "nude," I was surprised to learn that not every girl rocks a thong. Another shocker was that no one goes commando. Maybe they're afraid of flashing the audience on accident or everyone standing around backstage, or maybe they've just yet to discover the bliss that is panty-less freedom?

Below are the top three most commonly mentioned undies!

1. Forever21 Cheeky Thong

By far, this was the most common pick! (Seamless Cheeky Thong, $4.90, Forever21)

2. Victoria's Secret HipHuggers

These hiphuggers were also a top choice. Hopefully none of the girls got wedgies! (HipHugger Panty, $11.50, Victoria's Secret)

3. Tommy Hilfiger Nude Thong

Elegant, simple, and a serious favorite. (Helene Thong, $15, Tommy Hilfiger)

Please note none of the models featured are directly attached to or endorsing any of the products mentioned above.

Image Credit: Angela Almeida , Lindsey Rose Black