We Need A Kaitlyn & Shawn Wedding ASAP

The Bachelor and The Bachlorette aren't really known for their successful matchmaking abilities. Though you have the occasional lucky pair whose love outlasts the show, for the most part, the Bachelor/Bachelorette couples barely make it past the show's conclusion. I love a good exception to the rule though and there is no greater exception to the Bachelorette relationship rule than Kaitlyn Bristowe. Kaitlyn and her winner, Shawn Booth, have made it no secret that their relationship is still going strong and steady post-Bachelorette. In fact, it seems as if Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth could get married soon, as evidenced by these signs that Kaitlyn and Shawn should totally g married soon.

From the start of her tenure as Bachelorette, Kaitlyn made sure to make it known that she intended on taking the process seriously. She was willing to break rules, turn heads, and piss people off in order to make sure she was being true to herself.

Though she made some waves as Bachelorette, all her efforts were certainly not in vain, as she came out victorious with the handsome Shawn Booth by her side. Though many might be skeptical, Shawn and Kaitlyn seem like they are truly in love and their relationship seems absolutely genuine. It looks like this Bachelorette couple might make it down the aisle. Based on their social media game, it seems as if Shawn and Kaitlyn might be getting married sooner than we think. Let's investigate.

They Actually Hang Out With Each Other

Like, all the time.

They Seem Very Happy

And suuuuper into each other.

They Hang With Each Others' Parents

Shawn seems to be getting on pretty well with his future in-laws.

The Couple That Lifts Together Stays Together

Kaitlyn has to do extra arm workouts to hold up that giant rock (and so she maintains her bangin' figure for her wedding!)

They're Already Doing Wedding-y Things

Loooooove that full skirt.

She Already Said Yes To The Dress

It took a little bit of tequila but Kaitlyn did indeed find her dress.

She Wears White All The Time

She's just sending us subliminal bride messages all over the place!