Carly & Kirk Were The 'Bachelor In Paradise' OTP, & He Totally Messed Things Up

So, I will be the first to admit that I was not immediately hooked by Bachelor In Paradise during it's first season. But, something about Season 2 really hooked me. I think this season I was intrigued by how quickly a few people looked like they settled down and bought their first house plant right out of the gate. That's when I truly became invested and began to legitimately care about what happened to these crazy kids trying to find lasting love on a glorified spring break trip. Now that it's over, I am in mourning over one of my favorite couples. You guys, I am not over the Kirk and Cary breakup.

I don't think I am alone in this. I think we all assumed that these two had what it took to go the distance. They were perfect and adorable together, and their relationship mirrored that of Jade and Tanner's, with it's lack of drama and complete ease. Look how well it turned out for Janner! Why couldn't that have been Kirk and Carly? Because I never got a say in their breakup, I have put together a few reasons why Kirk and Carly from Bachelor In Paradise were meant to be, but Kirk messed it up.

1. They Stayed Out Of The Drama

Kirk and Carly were so adept at staying away from all of the big drama story lines throughout the season. Like Jade and Tanner, they would quietly observe but rarely involve themselves in any way. This allowed them to build their relationship and keep it solely about them. That's smart relationship behavior and should obviously have lead them to a healthy, lasting soulmate connection.

2. They Shared Mutual Interests

Of course, not all relationships are built by mutual love of something random, but it sure helps. Kirk and Carly are both crazy about fishing. One of their dates on Bachelor In Paradise was a fishing date, and it showed it's nice to have a significant other who can join you in something you are passionate about. Hear that Kirk and Carly?

3. He Posted This

Kirk posted this only three weeks ago. He seems to possibly regret his decision to end the post with, "The beauty that is paradise..."

4. She Posted This

Only two weeks ago, Carly posted this. Seems weird to post after someone jilted you. Maybe they are rekindling?

5. They Both Had The Best Friend Stamp Of Approval

This one is hard to come by. Not often does your best friend and his best friend immediately approve of and actually really enjoy you as a couple. Carly's best friend, Jade seemed to really dig Kirk, and Kirk's bromantical friend, Tanner seemed to dig Carly just as much. Both Jade and Tanner's reactions to the sudden breakup showed how completely betrayed everyone felt when Kirk pulled the plug.

The fact remains that these two really need to stop this charade and get back together. Kirk really messed this one up because there was serious soulmate potential here. Team Karly forever!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC