Watch Drag Queens Play "Screw, Marry, Kill" With Republican Candidates — VIDEO

The humans of Elite Daily had drag queens play "f*ck, marry, kill" with GOP candidates, and it is both hilarious and pretty damn raunchy. It helps that the GOP has gotten off to an interesting start this election season. I mean, for goodness sake, Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship last year because he's over poutine and maple syrup. (OK, because he was being chided for his citizenship, but I have my own theories.) Donald Trump's Twitter feuds have reached pathetic levels of controversial, to the extent that he shouldn't be taken seriously — and yet his numbers could be a lot worse. Obviously, there are also Republican candidates who are making perfectly reasonable strides on their campaign trail, but if we can find something to make fun of during election season to make it more bearable, we're gonna do it. It's the American way.

Back to the game. I have to admit, there's never been a time when I've really wanted to think about any Republican candidates (or any presidential candidate, for that matter) with regard to the f*ck category. On the other hand, I would be more than down to play "marry or kill" with any of them. And yes, I would marry Marco Rubio, OK? Sue me. He's adorable. In the case of Trump, marry THEN kill seems like the best solution monetarily, though I admit it poses some slight logistical/legal issues. Here's what these hilariously awesome drag queens have to see re: the 2016 Republican Candidates:

On Jeb Bush


Consensus: No one likes the Bush family in this video.

On Donald Trump


Hard-hitting question. Shout out to the queen who proposed marrying him for the alimony.

On Marco Rubio


Warning: It gets progressively dirtier. These drag queens are all about Rubio.

On Ted Cruz


According to one of them, he looks like the guy in the office that you always forget you work with. Accurate.

On Rand Paul


No comment, because I never wanted to think of Rand Paul that way.

Watch the full video and prepare to cry real tears of happiness:

Elite Daily on YouTube

I looooove how much they love Rick Santorum.

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