Will Mindy & Danny Stay Together On 'The Mindy Project'? Don't Be Spooked By Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After a miraculous save by Hulu, The Mindy Project is back on Tuesday. I'm excited for new characters and comedy, but one thing in the promo is a bit concerning. Are Mindy and Danny still together in The Mindy Project? They didn't exactly break up at the end of Season 3, and Mindy is still pregnant with his child, but they weren't in the best place either. What if Danny's romantic gesture fails? Who are all these new people Mindy is meeting? Why is Joseph Gordon-Levitt there?

The show has had some shakeups and changes in the last four seasons. New characters have shuffled in and out. The network has changed. However, the Mindy and Danny relationship has been a constant throughout. The show is an homage to romantic comedies, with little mini rom-coms sprinkled throughout. The series, in my opinion at least, has always been about Mindy and Danny. I don't think the move to Hulu is going to change that one bit. I'll admit that I have a personal bias — they're one of my favorite couples on television. They have classic romantic comedy chemistry, and any relationship that includes detachable magnetic glasses and body rolls is tops in my book. Let's break down the likelihood that these crazy kids will make it in Season 4.

But Danny Left Mindy In Season 3

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Yeah, he left to go introduce himself to Mindy's parents in India. While the fact that Morgan appears to be joining him overseas is concerning, I do honestly think that it's going to work out for Danny's character.

But Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Playing Mindy's Husband

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Hold your horses. Basically, he's a hypothetical husband in a hypothetical universe in which Mindy hypothetically never meets Danny Castellano. The episode, according to Buzzfeed, is inspired by the romantic comedy Sliding Doors (watch the trailer above), in which a woman's two futures play out based on whether or not she catches a single train. The sitcom Hindsight , and the Broadway musical If/Then, had similar concepts. So while it will be fun to see Mindy with another guy, don't be spooked 'shippers, it's only a dream.

But I'm A Hater & They Were Never Compatible

Did you let go of those horses when I specifically told you to hold them? First of all, why do you hate love? That said, just because Mindy and Danny are going to stay together doesn't mean everything is going to be perfect. According to showrunner Matt Warburton in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "the baby really heightens the contrast in these two people." Mindy Kaling also assured audiences in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Mindy and Danny are still challenged by one another. "They used to hate each other and now they love each other, although they still have a lot of problems with each other. It’s been funny to see how that relationship has changed so much, and yet hasn’t changed at all."

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