Will Austin Shave His Ponytail Beard For Liz? After 'Big Brother 17,' He Has To Prove His Commitment

Lizten is in trouble. The Big Brother showmance may get split up if Austin is sent home this week, and in addition to that, it seems at though they've hit a rough patch in their relationship. Austin and Liz have been fighting on Big Brother 17 , and are starting to get on each other's nerves. Liz, in a fit of anger and frustration, recently called Austin "disgusting" and started to say that he was "ugly". Austin, meanwhile, told Liz that "I ruined my life for you!" which is just about the biggest guilt trip you can possibly give someone. If Liztin is going to last outside the house, they are going to have to start making compromises for each other. This leads to a very important question: Will Austin shave his ponytail beard for Liz?

Let's talk about the ponytail beard for a moment. Not Austin's infamous ponytail beard (not yet, anyway), just ponytail beards in general. It's a look primarily reserved for Dumbledore, Dothraki warriors, and band members from early-2000s metal bands. Only a very specific type of non-wizard person can pull off a ponytail beard. It's usually a larger, muscular man. Hypothetically, if anyone in the Big Brother house could pull off the ponytail beard, it's Austin. Unfortunately, a ponytail beard is still a ponytail beard and it seems that Austin is a muggle who can't work a ponytail beard the way he thinks he can. So, since there's no reason he should have a ponytail beard in the first place, does he love Liz enough to spare her the horror of being in a relationship with someone who has one?

It seems that Austin is stuck in his ways and doesn't put much effort into changing for people. Many times this season Big Brother has called out Austin for improper hygiene, even going so far as to make his smelliness the subject of Austin's Comic Book Superhero. Yet, there hasn't been a noticeable increase in Austin's cleanliness as it was also the subject of Zingbot zing a few weeks later. If Austin isn't willing to start displaying proper hygiene for his girlfriend (or for himself for that matter), it's unlikely he's going to snip the beard.

However, Liz isn't the only person that thinks Austin should cut the ponytail beard. People on twitter seem to be very strongly anti-ponytail-beard and are making their opinions heard. They all seem to agree it's "not cute" and implore Liz to "cut it off in his sleep." While that course of action is a bit extreme and totally not cool, it's also not cool that Austin has never had a formal conversation with Liz about his appearance and hygiene habits (Which, if he's not washing and taking care of it properly, the ponytail beard is a big part of). It's not just fans that have an issue with the ponytail beard, it's also his fellow houseguests (as well as some previous houseguests).

Austin has said on the feeds that the ponytail beard "is just another thing to get noticed with," and plays into his overall goal of wanting to make a return to wrestling. While it is a unique trademark, it may not be the best trademark. If Austin wants to make good on the love he has promised Liz, one of the best things he can do is prove that he values her opinion of him and show that he's willing to make positive changes that will benefit their relationship. Besides, Austin without the beard doesn't look bad at all.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS