Does Austin Shower On 'Big Brother 17'? His Veto Comic Suggests He's A Little Smelly

The Veto competition on Wednesday was the classic comic book one, and Austin's Big Brother comic suggested he is smelly. So, now, I know you're wondering, "Does Austin from Big Brother 17 ever shower?" Well, according to him: Yes. When Austin saw that helping of BB shade, he tried to set the record straight in the Diary Room. "I love my comic," he started out. "[But] they say something about me having an odor... I shower after every workout." Plus, he reminded everyone that he sleeps next to Liz every night, and she's never complained.

That's a lot of showering considering he works out, like, every five seconds. But, are we just going to go on Austin's word here? Does he actually shower? The truth is, BB was being a bit harsh because I have seen Austin shower with my own eyes. I can't vouch for how often he showers, but I have seen him in the shower on the live feeds. And, for all those who accuse him of not washing his hair or beard, and having that contribute to the alleged smell, I have some proof that he actually does. The below photo is from the live feeds and you can very clearly see that his hair is wet and fresh from the shower.

So, does Austin smell? Maybe, IDK. But, does he shower? Yep. And, with so many things to make fun of about Austin (that beard ponytail, though), we have a lot more ammunition than the vague idea that he's smelly and doesn't shower.

So, let's call it a day with this particular rumor, huh?

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Images: Screengrab/CBS