Jade & Tanner Might Not Make It To A 'BiP' Wedding

After watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise with Jade and Tanner, the one thing I know to be true is that they are straight out of a fairy tale. They managed to scope each other out in week one and fortunately were smart enough to recognize that what they had was something seriously incredible. From that first date on, those two were inseparable. Sure, they lacked screen time but that was legitimately due to the fact that they would sneak away for alone time and were too busy making heart eyes at each other to be bothered with any of the drama that constantly surrounded them. So, after that egagement at the finale, will Jade and Tanner get married on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3?

Well, don't start setting your DVRs a year in advance just yet, Bachelor Nation. According to Chris Harrison (Keeper of Roses), Jade and Tanner may not make it until next summer. No, I'm not talking about these two fizzling out before the new crop of singles hits Paradise, I mean that they are so excited to begin their life together that they may not want to wait that long for their actual wedding. Seriously, could they be any sweeter of a couple?

Neither of them are willing to concede a definite answer on the subject yet. After watching Lacy and Marcus' wedding on the Season 2 premiere of Bachelor In Paradise, I could understand Janner having some reservations about randy strangers attending their hastily thrown together nuptials on television. Also, shockingly, it has recently been reported that it was actually a fake wedding anyways, so would we even believe another BiP wedding? I just don't know.

I think it will honestly all depend on whether or not they want to wait that long to get married. Not that a year is a long time to be engaged in the real world, but they're so in L-O-V-E, I wouldn't blame them for wanting to hurry things along.

But, if they do get married on Season 3, they have one demand that needs to be met before they will agree to a televised ceremony and I think we can all get behind them on this one:


Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2); Giphy