Photos Of Jade & Tanner Prove They're The Best

We haven’t seen a great deal from them this season, but aren't Tanner and Jade just the cutest couple on Bachelor in Paradise? Yes, they are. Mostly because they’re so well-balanced. This season, as Chris Harrison always likes to say, has been all about the drama, so the Jade-and-Tanner saga has been fairly quiet. Instead, it’s been all JJ and Joe fighting, Samantha scheming, Ashley I. crying, and Ashley S. being edited to talk to the flora and fauna of the island. But, I want to bring it back to the best couple on Bachelor in Paradise by gathering the cutest photos of Jade and Tanner.

It’s not that hard to be the winningest couple on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, as practically no one else but Carly and Kirk have officially coupled up for the long term, but Jade and Tanner hit it off basically from the very beginning. There was no other dating for this duo — they were joined at the hip from day one. Though it’s impossible to get official confirmation if Jade and Tanner are still together and/or engaged post- Paradise , I’m saying that, in my heart, I believe that true love flourishes and they are madly in Bachelor-bolstered love. Embracing this spirit of romance, I took a dive into their social media accounts for some totally adorable pics of these two.

Gazing Into Each Other's Eyes

Whether Janner (the celeb mishmash name for Jade and Tanner) was stargazing or simply staring up at the lights on set, this intimate moment is totally cute. Sometimes, the best conversations happen when in bed (or laying on a pillow with a crew of strangers around you).

Hacking Agave

On their last one-on-one date, Jade and Tanner went to an agave plantation and were shown how to break up the plant to make tequila. Tanner wasn’t exactly sure how to do it, but hey, he made it look almost as good as Jade made that dress look.

High Style

Doesn’t this snap look like they’re going to fly off from Paradise and settle down somewhere remote and romantic? That’s my take on it, anyway. Fly away, Janner! Away from the prying eyes of America!

Just Smooching

Aren’t these two precious? Especially with Jade giving this photo a caption like “this guy.” They better still be together, or I don’t think my heart will be able to handle it.

The Rose Ceremony

Look how giddy Jade is to be giving a rose to this man! It looks like my face when I order Indian takeout — anticipation and glee (though I am usually in sweats and not looking glam like Jade over here).

Sadie Hawkins Style

For their first one-on-one date, Jade got to choose Tanner and take him out. Luckily, he created this adorable picstitch so none of us ever have to forget it. Note the hashtag #donttouchthefood — a nod to the fact that basically all the food shown on The Bachelor/ette and Bachelor In Paradise is prop food. Insider info, y’all.

That Awkward Moment

Hey, not everything is peaches and cream, especially when you’re a contestant on Bachelor Paradise and someone else (cough cough Joshua) says something stupid, and you just have to pretend that it’s not happening to you or your beloved.

Double Dates

Jade and Carly are besties in real life, so it’s only natural they hung out with their Bachelor In Paradise men together. Look at how how happy everyone is! That’s the most joyful double date I’ve ever seen.

It’s official — Jade and Tanner are the cutest couple on Bachelor In Paradise. Just show me four hours of them weekly and I’ll be a happy gal.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell