Why The Scorch Trials Are Worse Than The Maze

In last year's hit film The Maze Runner , based on the YA sci-fi dystopian novel of the same name by James Dashner, teenager Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) awakens within an intricate maze in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world. He and the other boys (and one girl) of the maze, who call themselves Gladers, have to simultaneously form a society and escape the deadly labyrinth in order to find out just what the hell is going on. The movie blended elements from classic YA fare like The Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games but managed to feel fresh and different, and therefore really struck a chord with audiences, becoming a hit both critically and commercially. Now the gang is back one year later for a sequel, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, and it promises to be even bigger than its predecessor. But just what are The Scorch Trials ?

The Scorch Trials refers to the challenges facing Thomas and company in the sequel. After escaping from the maze in the first film, the Gladers now have to navigate their way through The Scorch, a desert wasteland filled with deadly obstacles. Passing through The Scorch is a test inadvertently inflicted on the Gladers by W.C.K.D., the evil corporation behind the maze that's pulling the strings. So basically, the Gladers facing the dangers of The Scorch is referred to as The Scorch Trials. Makes sense. But how could the trials of the Scorch possibly compare to the deadly maze from The Mazerunner? Oh, it does, and then some — the Scorch is far worse, and here's why.

Harsher Environment

The maze looks like a lush paradise compared to The Scorch. The area is essentially a desert, having been wiped out by the solar flares that basically ended the world. To give you an idea of how much worse things are in The Scorch compared to the maze, consider this: Some Gladers lasted three years in the maze, but in the trailer for The Scorch Trials, it's estimated by W.C.K.D. that no one can last even a full day in The Scorch. I'd take their word for it.

Crazy Lightning

In case the heat and barren landscape of the desert wasn't enough, there's also insane bolts of lightning that strike at random within The Scorch all the time. Nothing like feeling you could be struck down by Zeus at any moment to really put the fear of God into you.


Aidan Gillen, who portrays the ever-scheming Petyr Baelish on Game of Thrones, is the one of the main villains in The Scorch Trials, and he is, of course, creepy beyond belief playing somebody called Rat-Man. Seriously, that's his name. This guy orchestrated the death of King Joffrey, so I wouldn't put anything past him now that he's named Rat-Man.

W.C.K.D. Is Gunning For Them

The maze was tough, but at least soldiers from W.C.K.D. weren't trying to kill the Gladers while they were out in it. Unfortunately, that isn't the case in The Scorch. There are way more airplanes and machine guns out in this area, which doesn't make for a fun time when you have basically nowhere to hide.

Those Obstacles, Tho

It would be bad enough just going through the desert-y, lightning0y part of The Scorch, but of course the Gliders also have to crawl over lots of ruined structures just waiting to cave in on them at any second.

Cranks > Grievers

In the maze, the team had to face Grievers, hideous monsters that roamed the maze at night but ultimately proved beatable. But out in the scorch, they'll have to worry about Cranks. Cranks are people who have been infected with the Flare virus and have become insane, violent, and scary as can be. Think zombies but 10 times worse. Pure nightmare fuel.

Personally, I'd take the maze over The Scorch any day. On the bright side, if the Gladers survive, they have the Death Cure to look forward to in the third movie! That sounds, um, pleasant.

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