Carly Waddell Should Be The Next 'Bachelorette'

One of the saddest moments of Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is when Carly & Kirk broke up before the finale. It was a total disappointment for Carly, who was shocked and appalled to find out that Kirk wasn't as serious as she was about the relationship, yet waited until they'd been together awhile to make that clear. Anyhow, that disappointment and heartbreak was enough that I believe Carly Waddell should be the next Bachelorette. Seriously, I think it would make for a good choice. For the past few seasons of both Bachelor and Bachelorette, the choice for the new star has been featured on the previous season. But, I think it's about time to shake things up.

Carly should become the Bachelorette because she's grown over the course of her two appearances on ABC. During Chris' season, she was impulsive, a little wacky, but seemingly way too interesting for the farmer. On Bachelor in Paradise, she showed her more charming side. By the end of the season, Carly seemed like a very cool person to be friends with and an equally deserving of another television shot at love. Here are seven reasons she should be the next Bachelorette.

1. She's Already Moving On

Taylor Swift is like the poster child for taking a breakup and using it to do bigger and better things. So, that's why I like seeing Carly repost this otherwise generic meme — it shows that she's not going to be hung up on Kirk for long.

2. And, She Is Not Holding A Grudge

It must have been nice to hear that nearly half of the fans couldn't get over the breakup and remain mad at Kirk for his behavior. But, Carly isn't rubbing that in, even directly calling out her followers and fans to treat him with respect.

3. It Will Result In Some Great Music

Carly's already started writing music about her breakup, and the crazy experience of being the Bachelorette means lots of emotions and lots of new songs.

4. She's Dealing With Singlehood, But Might Still Be Open To A New Relationship

This self-depreciating moment suggests that Carly has a good sense of humor about her singledom... but it also implies that she may be looking for that guy who can help her set up a great home entertainment center.

5. Her Brother Would Chime In

That's right — Zak Waddell, recently married, was once on The Bachelorette himself. Sending him in for a guest episode is a genius idea.

6. She's Already Fielding Some Offers

It shouldn't be hard to cast 20 or so guys who are dying to go on a date with her.

7. She's BFFs With Just About Everyone

All of her fellow former contestants on Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise seem to love Carly and are rooting for her. I think Carly's popularity with the other people on the show demonstrates that she's charming, she's fun, and she would be the perfect choice for the new Bachelorette.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC