Whitney Port's No Makeup Selfie Has A Message

Face positive is so the new body positive! Onetime MTV reality star and designer Whitney Port posted a no makeup selfie with a message. It wasn't the generic "I woke up like this" barefaced selfie we've become basically numb to.

Instead, Port joined the ranks of Demi Lovato, who has her No Makeup Monday and Fresh Faced Friday posts, in celebrating and encouraging the bare, makeup-free face.

As a fellow pale-skinned girl, I absolutely love Port's message. She noted that she gets negative comments whenever she posts a no makeup selfie, with Internet trolls saying she looks "dead" or "anemic."

Ouch. That's pretty harsh, since Port is naturally beautiful without or without a drop of product on her face. Healthy skin of all tones is totally in and W. Port is taking it upon herself to remind keyboard ninjas of this fact.

Stating that she is "over it" when it comes to digital hate, Port posted, "I struggled with my skin A LOT growing up. I had terrible acne throughout high school and college and finally got it under control in my mid '20s. I've learned that keeping it healthy and clear is mostly due to keeping it clean."

You hear that? Skin that can breathe and isn't spackled with foundation or pore-clogging makeup is healthier! She looks beyond beautiful.

Aside from the physical implications, Port pointed out something even more important. Being pretty on the inside slays all as a life philosophy.

She posted, "I TRULY think the key to inner and outer beauty isn't about all the things we can buy to cover up our skin but how we can embrace our skin and keep it healthy. Clean skin is in."

Port finished off her original post with a critical call to action. She wrote, "The more I keep it clean, the better condition it's in. And when you do decide to put a little makeup on ( I mean, we all do 😊 ) our skin is a pure foundation for it to live on! So goodbye haters! I'm gonna embrace my bare, colorless, pale, and ghostly skin because I don't need to hide behind anything. I urge all you out there to not be afraid of showing that beautiful, bare face of yours to the world. Join me and tag all your clean skin selfies using the hashtag #OurCleanSkinIsIn Let's do this!!!"

I think I just fell in love with Whitney Port.

Her message is so important. I know feel best when I use use a light layer of Glossier's new Perfecting Skin Tint, applied with a pink Beauty Blender, or a light dusting of MAC's Studio Fix powder... and that's it. I too like my skin to look and feel as bare as possible.

Let Whit be your inspo to bare!

Makeup-free and lovin' it.

Fresh. Clean. Fabulous. And an inspiration to us all.

Pretty even when perplexed and product-less!

It's time to join Whitey Port and the #OurCleanSkinIsIn revolution.

Don't forget this gorgeous girl who is all about the no makeup selfie.

Port and Lovato really are the flag wavers for the fresh face. Don't forget your #OurCleanSkinIsIn hashtag when you post your makeup-less pics!

Images: Whitney Port/Instagram (6); Demi Lovato/Instagram (1)