Every 'BiP' Fan Loves Jade & Tanner, Hands Down

This past season of Bachelor In Paradise was certainly action-packed. Over the six weeks of episodes, we experienced plenty of tears (mostly by Ashley I.), talking to birds and crabs (mostly by Ashley S.), flexing (Mikey T. aced this category), and plenty of open-mouth kissing (everyone). One couple we didn’t hear a lot about was Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper aka #Janner. Why? Because Janner shacked up the first night and were pretty much never heard from the whole season, minus a funny quip and their eventual engagement. They were so drama-free that they just didn't warrant much screentime. But, despite the lack of attention, I love Janner and Bachelor Nation loves Janner, too.

When I say that Jade and Tanner shacked up on the first night, it’s not even a little bit of hyperbole. Jade gave Tanner her very first rose, and these two were hooked on each other from then on. They didn’t go on many one-on-one dates — which I get, because the producers want drama and these two are the opposite of drama — so viewers had to settle with watching them judge all of the other couples in the room. And judge they did, nicely and mostly quietly, because who could possibly compare to this perfect pairing? Certainly no one else on Bachelor In Paradise. Eventually, the end of Bachelor In Paradise rolled around and Tanner told Jade that he couldn’t give her a rose… because he wanted to give her a ring instead! And, there was much rejoicing and we all oohed and ahhed over the ring and cried, because how can we all find a love like Jade and Tanner’s?

It seems as though the Bachelor Nation Twitterverse shares my affection for Tanner and Jade. Let’s take a look at just how much people love Janner.

Those That Are Just Happy That Janner Exists

I mean, same.

Those That Are Petitioning To Get Janner An TV Wedding Special

With as cute as these two are, I think they'll definitely get one.

Most Fans Are Just Gushing Over How Cute These Two Are

Bless this show for bringing these two together.

There Are Several Who Just Want Janner On Snapchat Right now...

How else are we supposed to follow their epic love story?

Some Are Measuring Their Own Relationships Off Janner's

They truly are #relationshipgoals.

One Fan Even Makes Artwork For The Pair

So sweet!

And, Others Stalk Janner On Social Media (And Maybe IRL)...

...in a totally non creepy way, of course! All in all, I'd say that Janner really has the support of the people. I don't think I've seen a Bachelor Nation couple be this loved since... well, ever. I (and Twitter) wish these two all the best, and, while I understand not wanting your wedding to be televised, I really hope theirs is. Janner fans need to see the fairytale ending!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC