Kim Kardashian Wore Fur In 80-Degree Weather

The Kardashians (and Jenners) are all over NYFW this year, which is to be expected. It would be a travesty of pop culture if they weren't. They've been showing up in memorable, much-discussed ensembles. Then Kim Kardashian wore a fur coat to NYFW... in late summer. Know what that means — besides the fact that PETA is stewing over her fashion choice? It means that the most famous of the Kardashians just one-upped her bevvy of stylish sisters.

The expectant Kim K just launched her new beauty and fashion site, on which she penned an honest and open letter about some of her style blunders during her first pregnancy. She also rocked a Ramones tee while hanging with Serena Williams over tea. But the fact that she actually wore fur on a hot day might make this her most memorable NYFW ensemble.

Full disclosure time: I don't wear fur, and I don't condone wearing fur, either. But I get that some fancy the fabric and live by the idea that fur is a work of art, an idea advanced by Karl Lagerfeld.

But what Kardashian wore? It wasn't a shrug. It wasn't a vest. It wasn't a cropped jacket. It was a full-length, floor-sweeping fur coat and it wasn't winter.

I'm still scratching my head over this one. Perhaps that was her intention.

She paired the coat with over-the-knee boots and a leather mini, so it was a busy but sexy look. I don't think she should have covered her glamsual x rocker outfit with a fur coat, even if she was hoping to give the ensemble an extra dose of luxe.

Mrs. West wore the brown fur with a grubby, vintage-y Pink Floyd t-shirt. She really has been doing a mix of high and low lately. Her military blazer with Ramones tee look was another example of such.

The one thing I can co-sign about the look is the mashup of high-end pieces with lower-end ones. That's always a fashion "do." I still can't get over the fur since it was a beautiful, pleasant, and warm day when she wore the coat. It just didn't have any utility.

That said, I still think Kylie Jenner won NYFW with her baby blue Dior boots.

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