'Mad Men' Fashion That Deserves Its Own Emmy

by Emily McClure

The 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards are just around the corner, and AMC's top-grossing show, Mad Men, is nominated in a plethora of categories, and with good reason. If the Emmys don't do the trick, Mad Men fashionproves that this show is fabulous in just about every way possible. With the awards taking place on Sept. 20, I thought it was time to look about at some of Mad Men 's top fashion moments that are totally deserving of their own Emmy.

Janie Bryant, head costume designer for Mad Men, created looks that always kept viewers coming back for more. From Christina Hendrick's character Joan's sexy elegance to Jon Hamm character Don Draper's charming appeal, the Mad Men characters had some serious style. Who needs a modern day fashion icon when you can simply look to Betty Francis for inspiration? That woman's closet is pure gold. While the show may have ended, these stylish looks will live on forever as sensational fashion inspiration. It's time for a fashion flashback through all seven of Mad Men's sartorially pleasing seasons.

1. The Campbell Family's Elegant Travel Outfits

I'm completely obsessed with Trudy Campbell's (played by Alison Brie) pale pink coat. Fur cuffs and a fur hat? So glam.

2. Joan's Embellished Dress

How? How does someone looks this effortlessly amazing? Joan Harris owns this navy blue embellished gown.

3. Betty Francis' Cobalt Coat

Ever wanted to learn how to throw shade, and look totally spectacular while doing it? Look no further than January Jones' character, Betty Francis (formerly, Betty Draper). Donning her signature coiffed hair and incredible style, this character is a total fashion icon.

4. Meredith's Secretary Chic Look

A black and white printed dress paired with golden pins and a sleek headband? Now that's how you do secretary chic.

5. Don Draper's Classic Tuxedo

Can't. Breathe. Too. Perfect.

6. Megan Draper's Swim Attire

Take notes people. This is how you pull off swimwear. Seriously though, where can I get that coverup?

7. Roger Sterling's Suit Game

While his drinking habits may be questionable, Roger Sterling's (played by John Slattery) suit game is not. Whether it's a standout tie or an impeccable pocket square, this man knows how to pull off a suit.

8. Trudy Campbell's Adorable Hat

Talk about cuteness goals. From her chic hat to those gorgeous earrings, Trudy Campbell is rocking this outfit.

9. Betty Francis' Black Dress

Bow down to Queen Betty.

10. Peggy's Jade Skirt

Peggy Olson, played by Elizabeth Moss, looks absolutely darling in this jade skirt.

11. Draper's Cool Guy Charm

Is there a "How To Be Cool Like Don Draper" class? Because there should be.

12. Joan's Red Dress

She could wear a garbage bag, and still look fabulous, but this red dress is particularly stunning on Joan.

Thanks for the fashionable memories, Mad Men. You'll surely be missed.

Images: AMC Networks (13)