'DASH Dolls' Star Lexi Ramirez Is A Survivor

The Kardashians’ bid to take over the world one ferociously addictive reality show at a time continues with the premiere of DASH Dolls this Sunday. The spin-off will air immediately after Keeping With Up The Kardashians, and is designed to let fans in on the craziness that goes down daily in the California location of their DASH boutique chain. Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney are producing the show, and will definitely pop by during this first season — they are ultimately in charge, after all — but the main cast for the new series is made up of the Dolls themselves. Among them is sales coordinator Alexisamor “Lexi” Ramirez, a long-time DASH employee.

I’d imagine that working at DASH is as close as one can get to being a reality television star without actually being one, so these girls should be prepared for the E! stardom that’s coming their way. (They’re already learning how to cope with stalkers, yikes.) And, even though Ramirez works with the most high-profile family pop culture has got, her social media accounts show a down-to-earth girl loving life on the west coast. Here are eight things you need to know about Lexie Ramirez before you watch DASH Dolls .

1. She's Kind Of A Jock

Not one for being cooped up in a gym, Ramirez gets outdoors to stay fit. She's an avid hiker, and luckily documents her surroundings for the followers who don't have regular access to that gorgeous Southern California terrain.

2. She's A Jewelry Entrepreneur

Lexi Ramirez is a partner in the jewelry line, Koko + Amor. Named after Ramirez and co-owner Tam Koko, the line of products is available for purchase online and has been repped by Khloé on and off-screen.

3. She Calls Kim "Boss Lady"

Which is super cute and also accurate.

4. Her Eyebrow Game Is Killer

Ramirez is always posting pics of her incredible brow game. And, because she's a kind and giving person, she also shares her secret: "Arch master" artist Charleen Martinez.

5. She's The Baby Of Her Family

And, she shows her big brother and big sisters some love on Throwback Thursdays.

6. She's A Survivor

Over six years ago, Lexi Ramirez underwent open heart surgery, which is a very scary procedure with a lengthy recovery time. Sharing her scar on social media shows that this Doll knows that it's not an "imperfection" but visible proof of awesome personal strength.

7. She Starred In An American Apparel Campaign

Of course, this stunner is also a model.

8. She Dislikes Adulting As Much As You Do

DASH Dolls' lives may be above average in terms of fun, but they've got bills to pay too.

See Ramirez in retail action with the rest of the dolls on Sunday after KUWTK!

Image: E!