Ryan Adams' '1989' Cover Album Will Blow Your Mind

There are few things in life better than Taylor Swift. One thing that definitely surpasses Taylor Swift in overall awesomeness, though, is Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift. Ryan Adams already has the voice of a thousand angels, inject him with some infectiously catchy T. Swift tunes and you have an instantaneous hit. Ryan Adams' cover of "Bad Blood" is the musical fulfillment of all your wildest dreams but, in the words of every infomercial, wait! There's more! Ryan Adams will release a cover album of 1989 . Yes, a whole album of Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift. Oh hallowed day!

Ryan Adams' 1989 cover album will be released on September 21 (thank goodness we won't have to wait long for this sweet, sweet release). Ryan Adams has the uncanny ability to take a pre-existing song and completely transform it, creating an entirely new and unique song that both pays homage to the original and gives the original a unique twist.

I could go on singing Ryan Adams praises forever but instead, I will just go ahead and let Ryan Adams sing for himself and you can be in charge of the praising part. Here are 11 covers by Ryan Adams that will have you so excited for the release of his Taylor Swift cover album.

1. "Oxford Comma" — Vampire Weekend

Ryan Adams does an amazing rendition of my absolute favorite punctuation-related song.

2. "Summer Of '69" — Bryan Adams

There's more than a small part of me that gets glee of out Ryan Adams covering a Bryan Adams song.

3. "Asleep" — The Smiths

Ryan Adams + The Smiths is almost as perfect a combination as Ryan Adams + Taylor Swift.

4. "Round and Round" — RATT

Not going to lie, this used to be one of my favorite songs to play on "Rock Band" back in the day when it was popular...

5. "Last Night" — The Strokes

I didn't think the original could get any more perfect but Ryan Adams proved me wrong.

6. "Like A Virgin" — Madonna

Ryan Adams gives a Madonna classic an unexpected twist.

7. "Wonderwall" — Oasis

'Cause baaaaaaaaabyyyyyyy. Ryan Adams is gonna be the one that saaaaaaaaaves me.

8. "A-Punk" — Vampire Weekend

Ryan Adams absolutely slays another Vampire Weekend cover.

9."Wasted Years" — Iron Maiden

I'm not usually a big Iron Maiden fan but Ryan Adams can make me like anything.

10. "I Want To Know What Love Is" — Foreigner

Ryan Adams gives Foreigner a unique twist.

11. "Brown Sugar" — The Rolling Stones

Ryan Adams does a terrific job taking on The Stones.