Vanessa Has Ambitious Plans After 'Big Brother'

Less than a week from now, the Big Brother 17 contestants will all be out of the house, readjusting after an intense summer. For those who made it to the Jury House and finale night, they will have survived 98 days of paranoia, lies, fun, strategy, new relationships, and tons of stress, all while having little to no contact with the outside world. As the finale draws near, the three remaining houseguests are likely spending all of their time doing one of two things: strategizing to win the $500,000 or figuring out what's next for them after they're out of the BB house. One of the houseguests has already given us some hints about what she's planning to do after Big Brother ends, but their potential plans require one teeny, tiny detail to fall into place. Yep, Vanessa is planning on winning Big Brother 17 , so she has some big stuff in mind for the weeks and months to come, but they probably won't pan out unless she wins the game. What is Vanessa doing after Big Brother ?

Normally, the $500,000 grand prize is the single motivating factor for the houseguests. Whether they use it to support their families, pay off their debt, pay for college, or simply give their lives an upgrade, it's the money they're after from day one. Vanessa, however, has said all summer that she doesn't care about the money.

For a successful professional poker player like Vanessa, winning big money is no big thing. With her net worth estimated to be over $4 million, what's another half million gonna do? Nope, her plans are not about the money. They're about winning.

As Vanessa said in her most recent HOH blog, her plan is to write a series of "strategy analysis blogs" after leaving the Big Brother house. From there, her plans likely include a book on strategy as well. But in order for those two things to succeed, she needs to win. As Season 16 winner Derrick has mentioned on his YouNow videos, who cares about a strategy book from somebody who came in second or third place on Big Brother? After all, why buy a book on crafting a winning strategy from somebody who didn't have a winning strategy?

Luckily for Vanessa, it looks like a win is definitely possible. Even though most members of the jury are upset that Vanessa got them out, chances are that most of them will forgive and forget, especially when it comes down to Vanessa doing what she does best: Talking. It might all come down to her final speech. Then, the path is clear to a win, $500,000, blogs, and a book deal.

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Image: CBS