Why Wren Might Be B On 'PLL'

by Kaitlin Reilly

Are you still freaking out over the Pretty Little Liars Big A reveal? If you still can't wrap your brain around CeCe being the show's hooded villain, it's probably because you still secretly believe that Wren should have been A all along. I'll admit, there were plenty of major clues that pointed right at the secret dark side of the British doctor (you know, clues that don't include the fact that he cheated on his fiancee with her underage sister) but at the end of the day, what the writers of Pretty Little Liars say goes... and what they're saying is that Wren ain't A. But while Wren might not be the person known as A, Wren might one day become "B" — or, perhaps, "Uber A," if that floats your boat. And there's one major clue that suggests it.

There are a ton of reasons to suspect Wren of shady dealings. Wren was, after all, shown coloring in a red coat in a picture of a farm scene that looked suspiciously like the Campbell Farm, and had the same poster in his own apartment that was featured in Big A's dollhouse — tiny clues that seemed to directly point at Wren being A. CeCe wears the Big A crown now, but that doesn't mean that Wren wasn't always the second villain in this story — even if CeCe had no idea he was around.

The clue comes from the penultimate episode of Season 2, titled "If These Dolls Could Talk." In the episode, the Liars go to a doll shop where they meet a little boy who is "gifted," much in the the same way Ms. Grunwald is. The little boy, Seth, tells the girls that he spoke to Ali the summer she went missing, and warned her about a man and a woman with dark hair who wanted to hurt her.

Viewers assume in the episode that the people who want to hurt Ali are connected, or that they are a couple, like Jenna and Garrett, or Melissa and Ian. But knowing what's known now, you can cross all of those suspects off of the list. You know that Jenna isn't the woman because, as Seth says, the person could see, and Jenna was blind at the time. Garrett couldn't be the man Seth is referencing because as proved in Season 4, Garrett never actually wanted to hurt Ali — in fact, when given the option, he let her run away. As for Melissa and Ian, they both had nothing to do with the night that Ali was killed. So, what people could Seth have been talking about? I think he's referring to the original A — and the "Uber A" lurking in the shadows.

The only thing we know about the woman who wanted to hurt Ali was that she had dark hair. That rules out Bethany, and also blonde CeCe, who didn't want to hurt Ali until long after she disappeared. That means that the boy was likely referring to Mona, who not only tortured Ali long before she left Rosewood, but hit Bethany with a shovel thinking Bethany was Ali because she wanted to hurt Ali for all of the terrible things she did to her. So who else could have wanted to hurt Ali? It's simple: "beach hottie," aka Uber A.

Wren has been the top suspect for beach hottie for a long time now, but if Seth really is referring to the person who dated Ali that summer at Cape May — the one who wanted to hurt her because he thought she was pregnant — then no one else on the list of people fans know fits the bill. Ezra is an older brunette, but we know he never met Ali at Cape May. Ian and Garrett are dead, and older cop Wilden is a blonde and seemingly had his story tied up neatly in the Season 6A finale. If there really are no coincidences in Rosewood, that points to one British, brown-haired suspect: Wren.

Another sign that Wren may be storming back into Rosewood as a villain? According to actor Julian Morris' interview with MTV News, Morris wants to come back to Pretty Little Liars to finish off Wren's story line — whatever that entails. Could "whatever" be taking on the role of Uber A? I can't wait to find out.

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