Bethenny & Jill Fans Won't Like This 'RHONY' News

by Laura Rosenfeld

I bet you didn't know that a major reality TV milestone would be made today, did you? Well, it was, so pour yourself a glass of Ramona Pinot Grigio and get ready for Turtle Time because there have been 100 episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo. Bravo celebrated the big occasion with a 100th episode Watch What Happens Live special featuring Andy Cohen sitting down with Housewives past and present to discuss the seven seasons of the show so far. One of the most heartbreaking revelations early on in the show was Bethenny Frankel discussing what went wrong with Jill Zarin, something that has haunted RHONY fans for years.

When Andy asked Bethenny which RHONY argument shocked her the most, she didn't even skip a beat when she replied that her own feud with Jill was the most unexpected. I would definitely agree. Out of all of the RHONY Housewives, Bethenny and Jill seemed to be the closest and one of the pairs that you would actually expect to see hang out off the show.

That's why when Bethenny and Jill's relationship completely fell a part during Season 3 of the show, it was just awful to watch. Andy even admitted that when Bethenny and Jill's friendship was on the rocks, he was seriously worried about them and also about the fate of the show, too. Remember, he's a Bravo exec in addition to being a star. Someone's got to keep this network afloat! Many of Bethenny and Jill's fellow Housewives also couldn't believe that there would come a day when these two wouldn't be friends anymore. But the fact that Bethenny and Jill didn't end up living happily ever after proved that it was real because their relationship really did crumble.

And the way Bethenny described it, she sounds better off without Jill in her life now. Ramona described Jill as a friend who needs to be needed, and when Bethenny transformed from a vulnerable single woman trying to get her career off the ground in New York to a soon-to-be-married, successful entrepreneur on the rise with a baby on the way, she couldn't handle it. Bethenny said Jill even called The TODAY Show to complain about not being the Housewife chosen to host. Bethenny also said that Jill intended to get America to hate her by waiting to appear on camera to yell at Bethenny for not calling her husband Bobby when he was ill.

Unfortunately, Jill declined to be interviewed on the special, so we didn't get to hear her side of what was the hardest feud to watch in RHONY history. She did give a statement saying that she was proud to be a founding member of this group of women. However, judging from her harsh words for RHONY in the past, I can only imagine that she's not going to be happy about what she sees when she watches this special back.

Still, Bethenny said she's no longer angry at Jill and would be cordial in a social setting. Let's just hope her comments don't reignite this fight.

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