11 Blanket Scarves To Make The Cold More Bearable

I wasn't too crazy about blanket coats when those hit the scene, but I can totally get behind the idea of blanket scarves. Basically just larger, cozier scarves, blanket scarves sacrifice none of the fashion, but provide all of the warmth. This is especially nice for those of us who are perpetually cold and can't always tuck our feet under our dogs' bellies (life hack: a lap dog will keep you warm through winter).

But seriously, whether you wrap it around your body, neck, or even face; a blanket scarf is about to be your new, favorite cold-weather accessory. And in case you needed another excuse to dive into the world of blankeet scarves, wearing a nice, thick scarf could even help ward off the common cold. Yale School of Medicine Immunobiology professor, Akiko Iwasaki told that the cold virus replicates more easily in cooler temperatures. So by keeping nasal passages warmer by wearing a scarf over the nose, we could be less likely to develop cold symptoms. Sounds like a win-win-win to me. To help you more easily find your new security blanket (scarf) for the season, here are 11 cute options that are still oh-so-cozy.

1. Geometric

Geometric colorblocking is always a good idea.

Merona Blanket Scarf, $23, Target

2. Solid

To go with everything in your closet.

Oversized Geo Blanket Scarf, $39, Urban Outfitters

3. Grid

Tell me she doesn't look warm.

ASOS Oversized Square Scarf in Grid Check & Blanket Stitch, $29, ASOS

4. Woven

Bright colors just make the cold a little more bearable.

Highlands Blanket Scarf, $28, Anthropologie

5. Striped

Hand-tied fringe gives this scarf such a cozy touch.

Donni Charm Rule Reversible Blanket Scarf, $174, Nordstrom

6. Plaid

So classic. So warm.

Soft Checked Blanket Scarf, $35, TopShop

7. Mixed Patterns

The perfect statement scarf.

Geometric Scarf, $40, Zara

8. Stitched

A scarf so thick and warm that a little bare-midriff action won't even faze you.

ASOS Plain Oversized Square Scarf With Blanket Stitch, $29, ASOS

9. Reversible

In case you can't decide on chevron or plaid, try both on one scarf.

MODENA Reversible Blanket Scarf, $38, Nordstrom

10. Black & White

Black and white does go with everything, after all.

Plaid Scarf, $38, Abercrombie

11. Checkered

And if you're looking for one that's actually big enough to double as a real blanket, this is it.

Soft Checked Scarf, $26, Zara

Here's to a warm winter.

Images: Unsplash/Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands