You Totally Forgot You Watched These Nick Shows

With rumors of a classic Nickelodeon show block called Splat on the horizon, classic Nickelodeon shows are the only thing on my mind right now. (I'm also a good '90s kid, and this is all good '90s kids think about.) While I eagerly await the day when I can return to a world where Rugrats and Hey Arnold! are TV fixtures, though, I'm occupying myself by remembering the good old days of SNICK and endless Saturday morning cartoons. As fond as my Nick memories are, there are more than a few shows I have little-to-no recollection of watching: In fact, there are a lot of Nick shows you probably forgot you watched too, because I know I haven't thought about the eight shows on this list in the past two decades.

Everyone remembers Rocko's Modern Life, and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo still has a cult following — but when was the last time you thought about Get the Picture ? 100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd? These forgotten shows might not be as remembered as others, but let's all take a moment to look back on these not-so-classic Nick shows, for old time's sake.

1. 100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd

Hey, remember that time Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring played a school bully who was turned into a dog that sounded like Seth Green until he could complete 100 good deeds and be turned back into a human again? No? I don't either, but 100 Deeds ran from 1999 to 2002 on Nickelodeon — and I like to think it may have inadvertently inspired both My Name Is Earl and Dog With a Blog.

2. Get The Picture

Get the Picture was a game show that lasted for one season that featured two teams playing a series of complicated trivia and memory games as they tried to figure out what picture the squares on a large screen made up.

3. The Journey Of Allen Strange

Allen Strange was a part of the SNICK block from 1997 to 2000 and was about an alien who lived in the attic of an Earth family's home. He did wacky stuff, like turn a mannequin into his Earth father, but he also learned important lessons about Black History Month.

4. Don't Just Sit There

This chat/sketch show for kids was hilarious, and featured a baby Will Friedle (Boy Meets World) as host!

5. Weinerville

Dig deep, guys. Even if you don't remember Weinerville, your subconscious does. This show was pure nightmare fuel for anyone who is terrified of puppets that didn't look like The Muppets. The funny show ran for just one season, but it has probably haunted your nightmares ever since.

6. Welcome Freshmen

While none of Welcome Freshmen's cast went on to become stars, the high school comedy was a decent enough show for kids looking to fill the Saved by the Bell–shaped hole in their hearts. Plus, Mr. Lippman was hilarious.

7. The Brothers Flub

Airing at the tail end of the '90s and lasting for just one season, it is no wonder that The Brothers Flub didn't make a lasting impression. However, the out-of-this-world concept about alien mailmen who delivered packages on different planets each week was impressive.

8. Space Cases

Did you just get major flashbacks, too? The minute I heard the Space Cases theme song, it took me way back. Not only did this forgotten gem have some solid space adventures, it also introduced the world to Jewel Staite.

I hope this trip down Nickelodeon memory lane will send you on a YouTube spiral.

Image: Nickelodeon