'Veep' Wins Emmy Award For Outstanding Comedy Series & Selina Meyer Is Officially The Fake President America Deserves

The Emmys put another nail in the coffin of network comedy on Sunday night. HBO's Veep took home the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series at the ceremony, besting fellow nominees Louie, Modern Family, Parks And Recreation, Silicon Valley, Transparent, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In recent years, this category has made a habit out of recognizing new talent in nominations while playing it safe with winners — so it was great to see a more risqué show win the big award. Veep has been a can't-miss show since its pilot, but the series has been especially on top of its game this season.

The cast and crew of Veep stood behind showrunner Armando Iannucci as he accepted the trophy from comedy legend Mel Brooks. (The comedian was shouting instructions to Iannucci as he got settled in front of the microphone, to which the winner quipped, "I'm being directed by Mel Brooks, everyone!") Leading lady Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who claimed her fourth Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series Emmy earlier in the evening looked to be on the verge of joyful tears.

Veep has been a bridesmaid-but-never-a-bride in this category since its HBO debut — but it's fitting that the political comedy drew extra attention as the country buckles down for an election year. "If Veep is about one thing it's about hope that anyone in America...can just miss out on getting the top job," Iannucci said in his acceptance speech.

Veep feels a little too real these days in light of the crowded field seeking Presidential nominations on both sides of the aisle — but audiences and voters are known to respond to the comedy that skewers reality most effectively. (This is undoubtedly why Modern Family was rewarded for finding the funny in modern, blended family life so many years in a row. People saw themselves in that series.)

When Louis-Dreyfus was asked for comment on her personal nomination by the Hollywood Reporter, she responded in character:

As President, my staff and I are too busy doing the people's business to watch television. Nonetheless, we are thrilled to be a part of this celebration of creativity. (Go Jon Hamm!)

Maybe the blessing of Selina Meyer affected Hamm's chances, as he finally was rewarded for his work on Mad Men . But the takeaway in her comment is that the Veep team makes comedy for comedy's sake, not for awards: They'll take those too, though — and Iannucci had nothing but kind words to say about their network, crew, and America for taking in a bunch of creative British writers who wanted to make an awesome mockery of our country's political systems. Watch the Veep team accept their honor below.

The only thing that could have made this win sweeter would have been a genuine Selina Meyer speech, in all its awkward glory.

Images: Patrick Harbron/HBO; Giphy