If Disney Princesses Celebrated Oktoberfest...

The best festival of fall has arrived again, and this time our favorite heroines are getting in on the Oktoberfest action. Thanks to the creative illustrators at Pure Costumes, we can now properly imagine how the Disney girls would celebrate Oktoberfest (women, really, because I hope they're all of age).

This Oktoberfest depiction is pretty much in keeping with the Disney historical fiction theme, because Oktoberfest is definitely a real tradition. It's been celebrated 182 years in a row now, and despite what its name would have you believe, is observed in September (historically, the festival used to be celebrated in October, but was moved earlier in the year so it could go longer and stronger in the milder, early-fall weather). I suppose there is a little suspension of disbelief required with this Disney reimagining, though — for instance, the little mermaid probably can't drink her Corona underwater without flooding it full of seawater. But all the more reason to become a human land-dweller forever, right?

My personal favorite is Alice in Wonderland, who dreamily contemplates a bottle of Delirium Tremens. That unusual brew's well-known logo is a pink elephant who'd look just right waltzing through her fantastic, now lightly-inebriated imaginings. Whatever their beverage selections, I hope the Disney girls are fictionally enjoying some Oktoberfest pretzels too — because no fall happy hour is complete without some comfort food snacks. Cheers, ladies.

Image: Pure Costumes