Val Has Chemistry With Every 'DWTS' Lady

Within the professional cast of Dancing with the Stars, there are few people more fun to 'ship with their dance partners than the preternaturally handsome and talented Chmerkovskiy brothers. Think back to all of the best 'ships of recent seasons past, and you'll find that most of them can be linked back to one of the Chmerkovskiys. I mean, Maksyl? Janelskiy? That whole deal with Val and Rumer Willis? Well, these days Maks is now (rather regrettably) off the market — he's reunited with ex-fiancee, Peta Murgatroyd — but what about the other Chmerkovskiy brother? Is DWTS pro Val dating anyone?

All we have at this point is speculation abound — though how much would we all collectively die if he and Janel Parrish finally announced that they were dating? Ditto him and Rumer (after all, they're so adorably effusive about each other!)? DWTS may be known for their love of showmance, but real relationships have blossomed on the show — case(s) in point, the aforementioned Maks and Peta, as well as Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson — so it's not completely out of line to hope for true love for Val.

Plus, Val himself even pointed out that it's easy to fall in love on a show like Dancing with the Stars as he told E! Online, "Your world shrinks to just the show and the people involved in the show ... obviously your relationship with your partner and the camaraderie that you've built is closer than anybody on that show."

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He's even started to make headlines with his new partner, Tamar Braxton — after all, they do make quite the striking couple, don't they? Their ridiculously electric chemistry (not to mention their genuine care for one another) definitely qualifies them as a candidate for DWTS' admirable history of showmances, but alas — she's already married, so there's not much room for that delightful will-they, won't-they-ness. (Plus, she joked that he was like her "little, annoying brother.") Unfortunately, it looks like there's no romance in the pipeline for Val and his newest partner — and we sadly haven't gotten any confirmation of a relationships off the show either... so, as far as we know, it looks like Val is single.

But, hey — maybe it's more fun that way. After all, the more single he is, the more fun he is to 'ship with people — and, let's face it, the dude has major chemistry with everyone. Everyone.

Image: valchmerkovskiy/Tumblr