Nickelodeon Has A Lot To Answer For

by Jennifer Still

Like most of us, I grew up on '90s Nickelodeon shows. Whether it was entertaining myself after school while waiting for my mom to get home or tuning in for SNICK when sleeping over my best friend's house, Nickelodeon was always on and many of the shows the station aired are still embedded in my memory. Animated series like Rocko's Modern Life and Rugrats were endlessly hilarious to me for some reason, and I got super involved in live-action series like The Secret World Of Alex Mack and Clarissa Explains It All. It was a simpler time, and they just don't make 'em like they used to. However, there were some downsides to the old Nick shows of our adolescence, and that's that some of them just didn't make sense. In fact, even now, in 2015, I'm still full of unanswered questions that I'd love to have addressed ASAP.

It's not that kids shows are supposed to be logical or anything, but looking back, I can't help but question certain things about my favorite programs. From questionable careers for Rocko to kids who share the same name, certain things just didn't line up in the Nickelodeon universe, and I think it's time we set things right.

Can Dil Pickles talk now?

To be honest, they were all babies and none of them should have been able to talk. However, it was Tommy's little brother Dil who was the only one without the facilities of speech. I'm assuming he's since grown up and learned to communicate, but I feel like I just need to know for sure.

What happened to Arnold's parents?

I know that the episode "Parents Day" attempted to explain what happened to them, but the only thing we actually learned was that their plane went missing and they were never heard from again. Inquiring minds like my own want the full story, even if it was never written/thought up by the show's creators.

Who thought it was a good idea to let Rocko be a phone sex operator?

Honestly, how did a kids show get away with making its animated lead character a phone sex operator? Who thought this storyline up, and who approved it? It truly baffles me.

Did Kel's parents ever wonder where he was?

I mean, I guess they probably figured he was at Keenan's house, but for real? My mom always warned me about overstaying my welcome at my friends' houses, so I can't imagine Kel's family didn't think he should come home every now and again.

Did Clarissa's parents know about Sam climbing through the window?

I wasn't allowed to have boys in my room at all growing up, let alone having them climbing through my window at all hours of the day and night. I guess Clarissa just had "cool parents" who were totally into letting their daughter live her own life?

Why did Krumm have to hold up his eyes?

I know, I know, he was a monster and everything, but that had to suck and his arms had to have hurt. Poor Krumm.

How did Pete and Pete's parents make it clear which Pete they were talking to?

I suppose the better question would have to be why on earth their parents named them the same thing, but... I don't know, maybe that's something people do? (It totally isn't.) Most importantly, how did Pete and Pete know which Pete their parents were addressing at any given time?

Images: Nickelodeon; Giphy (7)