What Will Austin Do After ‘Big Brother 17’?

by Emily Lackey

Do you hear the birds singing, and that scent of wonder and possibility in the air? No. That must just be me as I continue to celebrate the fact that Austin is out of the Big Brother house, I can only begin to imagine what Austin is thinking about doing after the final jury vote has been cast, and the season is officially over. After all, he’s been one of the few players in the house who has been open about his intentions for coming into the game in the first place. Unlike the other houseguests, who have claimed to have come into the game because they are super fans, or really need the money or were selected by casting, Austin has said that he came into the Big Brother house in order to make some connections and advance his wrestling career. So is that what Austin will do once the show is over?

Now that he has such a public forum from which to jump, really, the possibilities are endless for Austin. I could see any number of things happening for him once he is out of the Big Brother house and on his own. Although his relationship with Liz kind of complicates it. Will he follow her to Miami? Will they try to do long distance? Or will he kiss that showmance goodbye for a chance at a life in the limelight? Whatever he does after the show ends, you know it’s going to be in true Austin/Judas style. So here are just a few ideas of things that Austin could do once he is out of the Jury House for good.

1. Become A Professional Wrestler

But, this time, change his persona to Loverboy. Or The Beard Bun. Those are way more fitting anyway.

2. Follow Liz To Miami

That way, he can snuggle her all he wants and be topless most of the time, both of which seemed to be his favorite things to do in the Big Brother house.

3. Go On Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars

Hey, Jeff and Jordan did it! Liz and Austin could totally take their showmance to reality television too. But what would their main point of contention be? Austin’s blatant betrayal of Julia in his Diary Room clips, maybe? You know that’s going to cause some serious trust issues in their relationship going forward. Or maybe his absolute refusal to shave his face, because that’s bound to wear a girl thin.

4. Get Back Together With His Girlfriend

No, not Liz. His other girlfriend. How amazing would this be for all of us? Draaaaaama. (And how awful would it be for that poor girl? Honey, you can do better!)

5. Star In The Next Season Of Survivor

Don’t you think Austin would be more successful in a setting that required hunting and gathering? Or is it just all of that facial hair that has me thinking he’d be better at the more wild arts?

Whatever Austin does decide to do after the show is over, it’s bound to be good. I just hope it’s something in the public eye, so I can continue to watch his career grow over time. (That and his beard bun.)

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Image: CBS (6)