Debra Messing Teases 'Mysteries Of Laura' Season 2

Fall TV is officially here, which means your favorite returning shows are once again airing. If you fell in love with NBC's dramedy The Mysteries of Laura during the 2014 TV season, then you're probably happy it will be returning for its sophomore season on Wednesday, Sept. 23. As viewers watched during the Season 1 finale, not only did Jake get shot, but he confessed he still has feelings for his ex-wife and colleague Laura. Does that mean the two will reunite? Lucky for those shippers who just can't wait until the episode airs, Debra Messing offers scoop about The Mysteries of Laura Season 2 and what may or may not happen between her character, Laura, and Josh Lucas' character, Jake.

While chatting with Bustle via phone about the show and her partnership with Zyrtec, Messing, explains this season is going to be a bit different than the freshman season. "Well, there's a big change that happens in this season," she says." Basically, due to the shooting last season Jake has to recover and so we get a new captain in. She is played by Callie Thorne and she's a spitfire and none of us are very happy to have her there."

That's right, due to Jake's injury and recovery, he is no longer captain. Don't fret, though, because that doesn't mean he's without a job. Actually, Jake and Laura fans will probably be thrilled to hear the following. As Messing reveals, "What ultimately happens is that Jake and Laura are made partners. So, he's no longer her boss and they are now equals and they're there together all the time now. So, that's obviously going to make a whole new dynamic."

When Season 1 began, to say Laura and Jake were at odds is an understatement, but as the season went on their remaining feelings for one another became apparent. And now that they're partners this could change everything. Messing says, "There were some things said at the end of last season and we don't know whether or not Jake remembers. There is going to be a question of whether or not they might rekindle." Let's not forget, after Jake asked Laura if she still loved him, she reluctantly responded, "Maybe a little."

Whatever the case, the aftermath of Season 1 will surely make for an interesting second season, especially with Tony (played by Smash and Ugly Betty's Neal Bledsoe), the man Laura's been seeing. It sure sounds like a love triangle will be more prevalent than ever during Season 2.

As for Messing's own life these days, when she's not busy filming The Mysteries of Laura she's working with Zyrtec, as a spokesperson and combatting allergies in all aspects of her life — whether she's shooting outdoors or doing one of her favorite activities, going to baseball practice with her son, Roman.

Images: Jeff Riedel, Sarah Shatz/NBC