Tom Says Tatiana Is A #BadAssKillerQueen

After Sunday night's Emmy Awards, many great talents walked away without a gold statue. It's got to be hard to determine who should win, because let's face it, there are just so many amazing actors and actresses in Hollywood. With that said, Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany lost to How To Get Away With Murder's Viola Davis for Lead Actress in a Drama. As much as I was pulling for Maslany, especially since it took forever for her to be recognized by the academy, Davis rightfully deserved her win. Whatever the case, Tatiana Maslany and her boyfriend Tom Cullen are keeping high spirits after her loss and couldn't be more positive about the night.

On Monday, the Downton Abbey actor took to Twitter to express his love and support for his girlfriend. Basically, he couldn't be prouder of her, no matter if she lost. He tweeted, "Very proud to be on the arm of this constantly inspiring human being. She makes me proud everyday. #badasskillerqueen." Could he be more perfect? Now that's how everyone should praise their significant other. Also, I think we all should refer to Maslany as "Bad Ass Killer Queen" from here on out. I mean, it's true.

If that isn't adorable enough, Maslany also took to Twitter to thank her man for his beautiful words. She wrote, "Thank you best friend." Seriously, this is one flawless couple.

They just showed how to walk away from an awards show loss the right way. And gave a lot of couples #RelationshipGoals in the process.