Selena Gomez Flashes A New Hip Tattoo

This week might be the first official week of fall, but apparently, it's still summer for Selena Gomez, who flashed a new tattoo in the sexiest swimsuit in all of the land, according to E!. And she looks drop mic amazing.

The 23-year-old singer took a mini vacation to Miami with her friends and took the opportunity to show off her insane body while going for a swim in the ocean. Gomez rocked a black one piece swimsuit that was cut seriously low on top (hello, cleavage), and seriously high on the bottom (what's up, thigh brows). I don't know why anyone in their right mind would give her body criticism, because she is legit flawless.

Her body wasn't the only thing Gomez showed off. Her skin-baring swimsuit also revealed some new tattoo art. Though we already knew she had a tattoo on the right side of her hip in cursive writing, it looks like she added a small "Om" symbol on her left. I guess she wanted to keep things symmetrical? But this isn't the first ink for Gomez, she also has Roman Numerals on the back of her neck, an Arab phrase on her back, and a music note on her wrist.

Tiny, subtle, but super sexy and sweet.

Maybe she wanted to even out her hips with the new addition? Whatever the case, this is what flawless looks like, ladies and gents.