"Fagette" By Athens Boys Choir Will Be Your New Favorite Song

Have you ever found yourself bouncing along to a song on the radio and then actually listened to the lyrics and realized that they were super problematic? The last time this happened to me was with the now infamous "Blurred Lines". (I’m still mad at Pharrell and Robin Thicke for putting rapey lyrics onto such a freaking danceable song.) However, today I’m so excited to share a song that is catchy, danceable, and exactly the opposite of all of the slut-shaming, rape-culture-celebrating, fake-body-positive crap that you’ll hear on Top 40 radio. It’s called “Fagette” and it’s by the performance artist Athens Boys Choir, who goes by Harvey Katz IRL.

Though "faggot" is a gay slur, Katz reclaims it much in the same way that women have reclaimed the word "slut". I found out about Katz and his song on my new favorite sex-positive podcast, The Heart. In their Coming of Age episode, Katz talks about what it meant for him to bat mitzvah — the Jewish ceremony in which girls become women — even though he’s trans. His hilarious and insightful story is interspersed with audio clips from the video of his bat mitzvah that will make you cringe with their earnest cheesiness. It’s masterful storytelling and as soon as you’re done reading this article, you have to go subscribe to The Heart on whatever podcast player you use.

But anyway! Back to Katz, my new crush. “Fagette”, which was released in 2009, is featured in the podcast and it made me laugh out loud like a crazy person as I walked to work yesterday. As soon as I got on my computer, I tracked down the video and fell in love with it — and Katz — even harder. You will too, once you read these awesome reasons why "Fagette" should be your fall anthem.

AliAstro on YouTube

1. The Hook Is Catchy AF

Seriously though. I've caught myself bopping along to this lyrics more times than I can count over the past couple of days. "I got double Xs in rows/gender troubles in loads/I need a man that can handle what’s under these clothes/‘cause I’ve got a V to the A-GI-NA but no P-E-N-I-S en-vay./‘Cause for real though?/I got a dildo./I got two dildos./I got three dildoooooos!"

Take that, Robin Thicke.

2. Harvey Katz Is A Dream Boat

Sigh. He's way cuter than Leo ever was.

3. It’s Totally Sexually-Inclusive

Katz sings, "I’m an equal opportunity lover. I like the boys, the girls, the others./LQBTQI, L M N O P, apples and oranges, they’re all fruits to me!" which is, a) extremely clever and, b) more sexually inclusive than anything I've seen up until now.

"Queer love, het love, whatevaaaa." Hell yes!

4. And Body-Positive!

"I like ‘em big, I like ‘em small, I like ‘em tall I like ‘em bald I like RuPaul, I like RuPaul, I like RuPaul!/Here’s to the girls with the chubby chub./Here’s to the boys ain’t got no butts!"

What was that you were trying to say, Ms. Trainor? I can't hear you over the awesome that is Athens Boys Choir.

5. This Moment:

It was hard to capture because it happens so fast but the Fagettes (that's what I've named those cheerleaders, in my head) are turning around to spell "Penis Envy" on their backs and the placards on the ground say "Vagina!" If that wasn't awesome enough, Katz is about to do a worm and then jump up into a disco pose. Brilliant.

6. And This Dance Move:

So smooth.

7. And Because You'll Wish You Were In The Dance Party At The End

Next party I throw? You're all wearing matching outfits. And there will be balloons.

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