Don't Look For Tenley On 'The Bachelor'

by Lindsey Kupfer

I know, I know, we all want more Tenley Molzahn in our lives, but I have to be a bearer of bad news here. Tenley would never pull a Nick Viall and crash The Bachelor in order to try and date Ben Higgins, the newly named Bachelor. Yes, there were rumors floating around that Tenley and Ben might be dating, but this gossip has been quickly put to bed and Tenley just wouldn't crash. It’s just not her style.

After watching Bachelor in Paradise we know a lot about Tenley. For example, we know that if you’re her friend she will always have your back. Remember when she stuck up for Clare and revealed that she was actually talking to her friend, not a raccoon? Then there was the time she had Carly’s back when Kirk was a dirt bag. That’s right, I said dirt bag. She straight-up told Bukowski that she wasn’t feeling it with him and that he should ask someone else on the date, but somehow it was so kind. Then, while everyone else was talking trash about everyone else, Tenley was making remarks, but none of them were mean. They were all pretty positive, even when Joe and Samantha were the worst.

That, my friends, is how Tenley rolls and just a precursor to why I am confident when I say she will not crash The Bachelor. In case you’re not convinced, here are six more reasons I’m right.

1. She’s Too Classy

It’s true though. Now, I am not saying that previous crashers aren’t classy, but it causes a lot of backlash, it’s kind of cliché at this point to try and crash, and I just personally don’t think Tenley would do something like that. She would wait until the season ends and if Ben’s girl and him don’t work out then she would take it as a sign and maybe then reach out to see if there’s anything there.

2. She Isn’t One For Drama

Everyone LOVES Tenley. It would be out of character for her to do something that causes people not to like her and there’s no greater way to make enemies than to crash mid-season. I think Shawn and Nick can attest to that.

3. She’s Not Going To Ruin The Experience For Another Girl

Tenley is not the type of girl to ruin the Bachelor experience for someone else. The problem is if Tenley came on she would win, because she’s literally the best, so it would completely take away from someone else’s experience on the show and she just wouldn't do that.

4. She’s A Busy Lady

Have you guys been keeping up with Tenley on social media? She is crazy busy and just announced that she’s going on a mission out of the country with her mom. I am pretty positive she doesn't even have the time to crash the show considering it looks like they will be filming when she’s gone.

5. She’s Not About To Chase A Random Guy

Guys chase Tenley, not the other way around (at least not since her first season on The Bachelor). It’s not like she’s going to have trouble finding another guy.

6. She’s Not Nick Viall

…Or Chris Bukowski. Like, we can’t even lump these people into the same category. Sorry Ben Higgins, but don't expect to see Tenley on limo arrival night.

Images: ABC/Bob D’Amico; Giphy (3)