J. Law Gave Amy Schumer A Special Present

by Kadeen Griffiths

OK, OK, I know. I know that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence aren't best friends. The comedian said that herself during an interview, bringing up the completely accurate point that the media may have, perhaps, gotten a little overexcited about two awesome, funny women hanging out with each other, overexcited enough to declare them BFFs when they had only really just met. I'm OK with them just being "just Fs... really good Fs." I am. I just don't know what I'm supposed to think when I'm faced with Lawrence giving Schumer an Emmys congratulations gift that is exactly like something one of my BFFs would do for me. I know that Schumer has best friends who she has known, and who have stuck by her, for actual years, but she and Lawrence are definitely on their way to becoming as close as sisters if this single Instagram photo is any indication.

Considering the two can't so much as reference one another without it turning into a media circus, it should come as no surprise that it was big news that Lawrence had texted Schumer after her Emmys win, ostensibly to inform her that she, "looked pretty but not smart," as one does. If you thought that was an unsatisfactory way for one woman to congratulate another woman on her success (or if you, like me, have not stopped laughing since you heard Schumer relate this anecdote), then worry no more, because Lawrence did not stop there. According to Schumer, you should "never tell Jennifer L your room number," because, if you do, she will flood your hotel room with a ton of balloons in all different colors and sizes.

The only way this moment could have gotten better would have been if Lawrence had been there herself, with a band in the background singing, "For She's A Jolly Good Fellow." (Or, perhaps, "For She's Pretty But Not Smart?") As it is, this moment is why I have such a hard time handling the fact that Lawrence and Schumer aren't the Best Friends 5Ever I've been imagining them to be ever since those pictures of them on vacation together came to light. If they're not best friends now, then I want them to be in the future, because I have a feeling that they make each other laugh even harder than they make the rest of the world laugh.

Check out the photo below, and wish you were part of this squad.