10 Ways to Get Through January Without Losing Your Mind

Mountains of snow and layers of sweater are all nice and cozy when it's holiday season, but once all the decorations are back in their boxes, winter can be a dreary time indeed. Once the magic wears off, January seems especially long and trying. But don't despair just yet — spring will come around sooner than you think. In the meantime, we've come up with a few tricks so you don't lose your mind:

1. Head outside

While the cold tends to keep us indoors, getting outside actually really helps with the winter blues. Take out those skates, skis, and sleds, bundle up, and head out in the snow. Don't have any of the equipment? A simple walk — or a playful snowball fight! — will also do the trick.

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2. Bring the sunshine to you

While listening to nice plush jazz will do wonders for your holiday spirit, January calls for something a little more spicy. I'll be making mojitos and listening to Buena Vista Social Club all season.

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3. Get a massage

We all get so tense from working away and stiffening up from the cold. This year, treat yourself to a day at the spa to get a little warmer and ease all that winter tension. If you've got no one to cuddle with, this is especially important — you're totally entitled to five massages in our books.

4. Accessorize

So you've got to pile on the sweaters and down jackets. Instead of dreading the layers, why not see this as an opportunity for some stylish self-expression? Treat yourself to some nice leather gloves or a bright fuzzy cap — or just learn a new way to wear your old winter scarf.

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5. Get out of town

If your bank account can handle it, January is a perfect month to head out of town. Look for a deal for an all-inclusive beach resort getaway, or just drive up to a cozy cottage for an adventurous — or completely relaxing — weekend.

6. Eat and drink

'Tis the season of hot cocoa and delicious roasts. Try one of these delicious chocolatey recipes or channel your inner Julia Child with a comforting roast chicken — and then channel your inner glutton by gobbling it all down.

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7. Turn to indoor hobbies

Remember those New Year's resolutions you just made? Now's the time to show you can follow through. Make a dent in your reading list or see how you can help at your local soup kitchen. Keeping your mind busy will help you forget it's minus a million degrees outside.

8. Buy a plant

When was the last time you saw some greenery? Remedy your nature-withdrawal with a plant (or six). Bonus points for flowers, bonus points for having that greenery in your bedroom.

9. Learn to love winter...

Just talk to anyone from anywhere with year-round sun, and they'll tell you how lovely and idyllic they think snow banks are. It's the stuff of postcards! Make sure to look out the window and appreciate that freshly fallen powder — and then get back to being cozy in bed.

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10. ...And remember spring will soon be here

The winter blues probably hit you last year also, but then you got to taste the wonder of spring and summer. That buzz of excitement in the air on that first day where everyone can walk outside without a coat makes it worth powering through the coldest months.

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