1D Fans' Intense Feels About 'Made In The A.M.'

by Emily Lackey

I don’t think there’s anything in the world that contains as much passion and persistence as a One Direction fan. I mean, maybe the Beliebers would protest and claim that their individual love for Biebz far surpasses the love of One Direction fans everywhere — but after what I just witnessed on Twitter after One Direction announced their new album, Made in the A.M. (which will be released on Nov. 13, for those of you not in the know), I’m going to go out on a very precarious boy band limb and say that the 1D fans totally win this one.

In other words, the reactions to the news that the guys were not only dropping a new album in the future but releasing the first track to all fans who preordered the album was bigger than any I have ever seen on Twitter. In fact, while I was scrolling through the #MadeintheAM tweets to put together this post, over four hundred new ones were written in the meantime. That’s… a lot of tweeting, guys.

But even if you’ve read one reaction tweet, you haven’t read them all — because not only are those One Direction fans funny (seriously, I’ve never LOLed so hard in my life), they are intense. And after reading through the first five hundred of them, they started to fall into one of a few categories.

The Tearful

... not that I can blame them. This really is the beginning of the end, considering the band's hiatus is on the horizon.

The Screamers

I kind of what to hear what that would sound like.

The People Who Really Felt It

It's symbolic.

The Music Buffs

They take their 1D music VERY seriously. It's not all about the conspiracy theories and the flashy cover art, guys.

The Truly Devoted


The Thwarted

I've never missed high school less.

The People Whom It Literally Killed


The Theories

Did anyone even consider the fact that they may have just, like, made the album in the morning?

The Confusion

As you can see, the reactions to the news was very intense, no matter what direction it took.

Because, for 1D fans everywhere, there really is only one direction — and that's straight to the heart of the boys they love so much.