10 'HTGAWM' Clues You Need To Know About

It's almost time, fellow sleuths! Have you gotten out your notebooks to start keeping track of How To Get Away With Murder clues in Season 2? The premiere of the second season could not come at a better time, while we're all still reeling with glee after Viola Davis' triumphant Emmy win. It's time to get back to the Keating Five and see how they're dealing with their latest tragedy (on top of Law School midterms, am I right).

How To Get Away With Murder is a mystery show at its core, so we have to learn to pay attention to detail if we want to stay ahead of the OMG moments. In Season 1, a lot of the clues surrounding Sam's murder were resolved, like the whereabouts Michaela's engagement ring and the equally missing scales of the justice trophy. Even background details like Annalise's choice of vodka brand are clues about the characters.

The two major questions coming out of Season 1 are "who killed Rebecca," will Nate be framed for Sam's murder, and will the true murderers of both Lila and Sam get away with it? However, there are other small questions, like how much does Annalise know? Surely at some point, Frank will admit that Sam ordered the "hit" on Lila's life. In addition, why did Frank leave Lila's hair on the sorority water tank? How much does Asher know?

This show was so complicated that it even tripped up the Bustle editors who recapped Season 1... drunk, of course.

We're supposed to get answers in HTGAWM Season 2, so here are the clues from Season 1 that could lead us to the truth.

"Eggs 911. Lawyer's House."

Who did Rebecca text this to in the finale? Is it going to get Michaela in trouble? What does the code mean? Was this the "unknown caller" who called Lila after she was already dead? The number was (215) 555 0813, so clearly a fake television number, but the area code rules out any out of towners — 215 is a local Philadelphia area code. My theory is that Eggs killed Rebecca, but we'll have to find out.

Lila's Cell Phones

She has several. How many have we catalogued? Is this connected to Eggs 911?

The New York Number

Speaking of, Nate also came into contact with a mysterious number that has a 212 area code — that's NYC, baby! That full number is (212) 555 0912, so clearly not the same number that Rebecca texted, but similar enough looking that it may have been an attempt at a red herring.

Sam's Favor

Sam called in a favor, which resulted in Frank killing Lila. What's their relationship? Why did Frank owe Sam? How come everyone is always on the phone?

Frank's Girlfriend

I know we only met Sasha once, but since Frank is now so mysterious, we can't let ourselves forget about the "Addison Shepherd" of HTGAWM. Since she was "cool with it" when it came to Laurel and Frank's affair, I wonder what else she's cool with (hint: murder!!!!!)


I'm talking about Rebecca's former neighbor who scratched the wall. Rebecca drugged him with PCP and "Purple X" and had committed. What is this drug? Is it connected to Lila in any way? Drugging Rudy seems rash for just establishing Rebecca's alibi and getting rid of him as a witness. What if she had other motives? Rebecca may be gone, but there's so much left to her story and Rudy is a big clue.

Bonnie Knows Something

She assured Asher that she's got dirt on Frank. Who exactly is this murderous vest enthusiast, anyway?

Open Basement Door

Annalise went downstairs to find Rebecca, saw her body, and then insinuated that someone had let her go. Was that door already open? Did the murderer use the basement door to access and kill Rebecca?

The Paper

There were two crumbled pieces of paper (newspaper or printer) on either side of the chair where Rebecca was being held. There was also a box behind the chair.

Griffin's True Nature

Why was he pretending to be religious and a virgin for Lila? Why did he call her 28 times that night? Something's up with that kid, and I don't think we've seen the last of him on How To Get Away With Murder, whether this is a clue that connects to larger mysteries or not.

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