Tom Hiddleston Is Super Dedicated To Feminism

If you didn’t call yourself a feminist before today, it’s time for you to seriously consider joining our ranks. Because Tom Hiddleton, star of so many of my dreams, is about to put all of us in our place about the portrayal of women in major motion pictures. During a recent interview with E!, Hiddleston discussed all of the nude scenes in his new film, Crimson Peak — and though the discussion didn't veer toward, you know, showing pictures, it did cover some interesting points. For instance: When asked why he decided to go ahead with all of that nudity, Hiddleston revealed it was because of his dedication to feminism. Because it's so common to see women naked in films, Hiddleston said he feels it’s only fair that men shoulder some of that clothes-free burden (see video below).

In other words, Tom Hiddleston got naked because of feminism. SWOON.

Hiddleston, who is in the middle of promoting Crimson Peak — which also stars Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska — said that he didn’t have a problem with the nakedness in the film, because the level of sexuality in the script called for it. The film is a dark one (basically, gothic horror), and one that involves a decent amount of violence and sex — so it seems like the nudity (and the hot sex scenes) were totally necessary.

Thank you gothic romance for that.

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In reference to the discrepancy in the number of nude scenes between male and female actors, Hiddleston said that it seemed unfair to him that women were more naked than men were in movies and that he wanted to redress the balance. Clearly I couldn’t agree more. I mean, yes the best response to women being objectified in films is for filmmakers to curb it and spend more time crafting complex, diverse female roles. Of course. But having Hiddleston be naked in more films more in addition to that wouldn't be bad either.

The recent interview only adds to the stacks of quotes and sound bites of Tom Hiddleston that prove he is one of the most well-spoken feminists out there. He continues to convey his political beliefs in his personal life and in his professional work, to which I say, “MORE OF THAT, PLEASE.”

Because the world needs more people like Hiddleston. And not just for the great hair and nude scenes — we need more people like Hiddleston because his choices are influenced by the need for equality, and he has no problem speaking up for it every chance he gets.

Image: Legendary Pictures